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Race to the Stars

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This was a guest piece I made for the upcoming indie game Starbound, which I am eagerly awaiting (estimated 2013 release). Ahhh, I want to play it!

Since I don't own the lore behind these guys, I won't go much into backstory, but I suppose I could give a brief introduction to each race as they appear in this picture from front to back, with links to their official bio's (if available):

Humans - no information on them. Who are these guys who look just like us and use our name? Is mankind of the future REPLACED by something of their making?? (<- children)
Avians - bird folk. The large one can probably crush an old pear with his bare hands.
Apex - monkey folk. They weren't always like this. But now they are.
Hylotl - underwater people. No information has been released yet. The large one can probably crush an old pear with his bare hands.
Glitch - robots. They were some sort of simulation project that got stuck in the medieval phase.
Florans - murder plants. I suspect the main reason they want to go into space is so they can eat the guys listed above.

I think a dozen characters might be the new record for me to draw in a single illustration, but it was a worthwhile experience and a challenging exercise!

Characters made in Flash
Background drawn in SAI
Starbound © Chucklefish
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© 2013 - 2021 JohnSu
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Delta-Crow-Kin's avatar
Literally the only depiction of the Apex I’ve ever seen that doesn’t make me want to vomit. So good job.

Humans and Floran look fantastic too.
Arryxanims's avatar
Not too keen on your depiction of the Avians but still good job

AnimeFlows's avatar
Where's the Novakid race?
Delta-Crow-Kin's avatar
I think this was made prior to Novakid
Brlim's avatar
now that look so Awesome
SacredSpirit123's avatar
By the way, do these characters have names, now? I think it would be cool if they did, now that Starbound is a thing. They look like they should have their own backstories!
SacredSpirit123's avatar
This is amazing...but...question. Is it possible to have an updated version with the Novakids (which are one of my favorite races, by the way, you did a great job making them,) added into the mix?
hot37's avatar
One word. perfect...!
KoherJavenal's avatar
Wow. That's also really pretty. I have to say, your sense of humor isn't lacking either. Nicely done!
Riggs-Eclipse's avatar
Nevermind I'm dumb and didn't see it xD
Riggs-Eclipse's avatar
Are you gonna do anything for the Novakid at some point? .3.
flitzkinburg's avatar
JohnSu's avatar
They were designed a month later, and then a month after that was the art with Novakid representation:
Race to the Bars by JohnSu
CeeDeePlayer's avatar
This fanart was before they were a thing
YourOrdinaryArtist's avatar
The boy and girl remind me of Kirito and Asuna from SAO.
JohnSu's avatar
I often hear this!
Moreuse's avatar
O so oyur the one that made this. awesome job, really beautiful.
GreatSwordOfVictory's avatar
Oh my god. IT'S SO PRETTY! xD I love it! Great job!
C-wonder1's avatar
awesome picture its amazing
Badassman2's avatar
This looks like something right out of the opening of an anime.
C-wonder1's avatar
I have to agree
Trainacus's avatar
it's supposed to be anime :)
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