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Race to the Bars

I don’t make fanart all that often, and it’s even rarer that I make a fanart of the same thing twice, but here we are! More art on an unreleased game I've never played, because I had this idea in my head and I really wanted to draw it.

So this piece is kind of like a culmination of three previous deviations:
1. the first fanart, featuring the playable races
2. the deviation which became part of the game, spawning a new race
3. the shading style which I recently tried and really liked; also, some of the composition.

I wanted to dress up everyone up like prohibition mobsters, but I totally failed to do my research so there are no zoot suits and the only guns are strange variants of tommy guns. I also skimped on the bonework here, so some of these guys have really long limbs! They are the lanky gang. They can reach high shelves and use their pants as hoses.

Fun fact: for the longest time, the plant dude was the only one without a weapon. He was bringing a smile to a gunfight. But at least now he is idiomatically correct!

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I am soooo late getting to this party, but this is really REALLY cool.
lmao ifkr i too am soo late xD
AAoFubuki's avatar
I really love it <3
mr-dead-guy's avatar
AWSOME that novakid gal looks spicy too
Evodolka's avatar
what a swanky assortment of characters :D
makes me think of the baccano opening song
TheOldDude's avatar
New desktop background comfirmed
SacredSpirit123's avatar
Man, this is cool...I think the Floran with the shiv is pretty great. If he was the only one without a weapon, then what about the Apex? What are his? His fists? Anyway, great job with this piece! Oh, one more the Gangsters have any names or backstories?
SacredSpirit123's avatar

Several years later, I now think I see brass knuckles on the Apex.

HopzoptQuetzalDesu's avatar
i love looking at this picture omg theyre so cOO L
SCP-2979ALT's avatar
I love that Glitch woman, also that Hyotl. Great job!
Kakhi-dot-dot-dot's avatar
"Happy Hours" Rushing, maybe ? =p - As a starbounder myself, I'll approve this ;) .
Astrih-Konnash's avatar
Loved it - totally 30's! Clap 
Zac-Films's avatar
That apex looks angry 0.0
TheSemiMoon's avatar
No shit , Sherlock! (i just couldn't stop myself xD)
Jingai-Jigokumoto's avatar
If this were on sherbet cartons—I'd buy every flavor.
JohnSu's avatar
"Which flavor is your favorite? Robot, monkey, or bird?"
Blagburns-art's avatar
Whats the point of suspenders when you have a belt?
JohnSu's avatar
They're there to demonstrate the artist's lack of understanding when it comes to clothing!

And for double security.
Vyctorian's avatar
Excellent work!~
Weavle105's avatar
*Is looking at the Floran for an extended period of time* Hmmm... What does this remind me off?... OHH, MYY, GOOOD!!! I CAN MAAKE JUDAS!!!... Man, that really reminds of the old for-OH MY F&@%ING GOD I HAVEN'T BEEN THERE IN AGES!!! SON OF A B#&%$!!!
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