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Quest for Capital

The dragon is either enraged by humanity's business model or is dancing with the salaryman.

Made in Flash

EDIT: Teehee. Nobody has noticed that the dragon looks like a shark yet, cleverly pointing out an obvious semblance. I sure hope someone says something about it for the first time soon.

EDIT2: Edit 1, if you could not tell, is a big wrinkly LIE.
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Astor135's avatar
The dino looks like a green shark
RossiSenpai's avatar
To me they look like they are doing some type of ritual xD Love your artwork btw it's awesome, you have a great sense of humour :)
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Capital Quest -- Rescue the imprisoned funds from the safety deposit box of Humanlord Ceo! Bring equity and fair rates to the populace of dragon world! Protect yourself by equipping ever more fashionable threads as you navigate the bureaucratic intricacies of the Humanlord's lair, the Home Office!
Aorijet's avatar
their faces haha  nice work. keep goin
mkdavi's avatar
BluveyProductions's avatar
I noticed the shark before the dragon.
Jojococomo3's avatar
I always wondered what the guys at Wall Street did...
JohnSu's avatar
grinding, day and night
StoicNinja's avatar
I vote that they are dancing At each other. To claim dominance of their pack of lizard-people/businessmen and earn the right to claim all of... something. Donuts, or women, or whatever...
Minkymy's avatar
Do you know what they are saying?
I don't, but the first thing I thought of was this:
"Lali lurli lali loooo~ TO MOUNT SASKATCHEWAN!"
Saskatchewan is, in fact, not a mountain.
padzo's avatar
looks like a game
animatrix1490's avatar
I vote that he's dancing angrily WITH the business model of humanity (it's invisible).
It looks like a shark hopefully that brought some peace to those tired squabbling between you and your other personalities. I love your btw.

stormraven767's avatar
the dragon doesnt look LIKE a shark.

the sharks are the ones immitating the dragon.
Too much WOW at work and the Boss found out LOL
anit0523's avatar
I felt the need to go to your gallery and revisit this. I just love this picture for reasons that I can't explain.
shiin64's avatar
They both look like they're trying to do unconventional dance moves. :3
PanMarlon's avatar
thats what we call a loan shark!
GamzGuy's avatar
Why does he remind me of Tim from Braid? 3:
JohnSu's avatar
Suit & Tie? Running? Lush green world? A vaguely dinosaur-like character?
GamzGuy's avatar
Oh, and classical music playing in the background during all his wacky shenanigans.
GamzGuy's avatar
Pretty much. All he needs now is the giant "X" button appearing obnoxiously over his face every time he falls off the screen.
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