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Please Don't Feed the Birds

They will develop bad habits.

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"It better be a grilled cheese girl or it's the concrete galoshes for you!" 
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Who does that bird think he is. Such "fowl" manners.
this is just the picture i like
she look so: i don't want to give this.. but she/he will eat me unless..
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"Hey lil girl... What you got there".
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i loled so fucking hard!
Aaronxluvsxganguru's avatar
This is so cute and funny omg, I love it xD
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Amazing work! :clap:
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omg but thats creepy
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Anyone else seeing her get eaten?
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...well that escalated quickly...
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that is really creepy
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Needs another comment on its glory!

The expression on her face is the best part. Now to comment on all my favs on a later date....
Haha, hilarious.
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A seagull actually stole my ice cream when I was a kid
What kind of bird does that
forever tortured by the memory

This is awesome :I Even though it sort of terrifies me
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Why does the bird sound like Sean Connery in my mind?!!!
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because you have a classy imagination ;)
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Yeah, in return they unleash a crap bombardment on you. :fear:
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But they have manners. So why not?
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girl: I'm hungry, I'm going to eat my lunch

Bird: ummmmm...... can I have some.

Girl: where did the bird come from????

I love how the bird is holding his hand out to eat some of the sandwich!
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I despise seagulls only because of a memorable scenario where they crowded around me and kicked my hand before stealing my burger.
Anyway.... this is HILARIOUS and nicely drawn (≧▽≦)
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