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Optimal Mouse

Well, seeing as this new Chinese year is my year, I suppose I should at least do something mouse related.

I admit I was also tempted to have a mouse with blue teeth and a laser gun running through the background, but that would have crowded the picture.

Maybe in another dozen years.

EDIT: A number of you are attempting to correct me by saying it's the "Year of the Rat" and not the "Year of the Mouse." But technically, "年" ought to translate to "Year of the Rodent," as there is no distinction between rats and mice in Chinese. In this context, one can use rat and mouse interchangeably.

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The weird moment when the joke has a strange meaning... But the image is cute...
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You tellin me you're suppose to clean that part of the mouse?
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Aw the poor baby!
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ha! brilliant!
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why do i used ball rats when playing cs 1.6 ?
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That si amazing 
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My mouse doesn't have a ball, so this made no sense to me at first.
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This deserves a lot of attention.
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> Art piece featured in 6(+) groups.
> 570,865(+) total views.
> 3,128(+) comments.
> 28,230(+) favorites.

...Yeeeeaaaaah, I think it's got enough attention as is.
Not to say it doesn't deserve it, of course. The picture is rather funny and creative. Meow :3
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Now you have to do it next year!
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I saw this and actually laughed out loud! Poor little guy! ^_^
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dies of laughter
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XD *dies of laughter*
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I like it
very funny
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All I can say is...

Good job 


Thumbs up lady Vash - Icon 
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If it is the year of the rodent, then why not squirrels too? xp 

Also as a computer nerd I laughed too hard at this.
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a mouse duhhh what you use to click
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