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OneShot: Niko

So I played OneShot last week and finished it, and it left a Niko-shaped hole in my heart which I then attempted to fill with Niko-shaped fan art. Even if you've never heard of the game, I hope you can at least enjoy this cute cat child!

This game was recommended to me after I went on a fan art spree last week on twitter asking folks for suggestions, and this was an unexpected bonus! It's a nice, cute game with impressive outside-the-box puzzles and doesn't require too much time (7 hours for me). I would endorse it.

Also, apparently I've unknowingly and indirectly helped out with some of the cutscenes??

Made in Flash CS4
OneShot & Niko & Co. © Team OneShot
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© 2017 - 2021 JohnSu
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You're in the wrong Game, Erza! :XD:

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i didn't know i needed smol niko in my life until now

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My pure sun child. 10/10 would protecc

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Ok, now I want an update where you can pet Niko with your cursor! Bonus points if he purrs.
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this is a great game
Its So Hecking Cute.
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Biggest mystery of the OneShot community: is Niko a cat or is he/she a human?
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I'm a people!

I love that.
My Cinnamon Bun <3
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OOOOHH. MYYYY. GOOOOD. ITSSS SOOOO GOOOOD AND CUUUTE. (And that proto-bot as a vacuum, holy hiet).
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So kawaiiii X3
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I guess this page is... purrrrrrfect! x)
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Niko wait! That sun is a fake! D:
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The sun is a lie.

Niko Surprised : What ?
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the Sun is much bigger.

Niko (I couldn’t find the sprite) :Well where is it?

im glad you asked. It’s right there.

*camera turns to show sun

630af8a3-76ed-4d0b-bdd7-3e3e0b2f037f did I miss that?

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Wait, there are two suns!?

Then why do we need the frackin' lightbulb?!

Niko |3 : "Don't ask me..."

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Glad you played the game! And these are so hilarious.
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They're not a cat or a people! They're adorable! ^^
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it seems we have a lot of the same interests. 
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