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Sheriff Landers has caught up to Old Redd, who made off in a steam rocket with a barrel of Mrs. Clark’s moonshine. Redd is being charged with theft, assault with a firearm, and improper conduct in the presence of a lady. He is facing up to 20 years in prison, a twelve dollar fine, and a belly full of buckshot.

The sheriff is venting plasma from his right arm pretty badly, but he’ll be fine if he can get this shot off and incapacitate the red giant so he can tend to his wound. But the question is: can he hit a large, bright, stationary target in the open from less than 7 meters away with a shotgun?

Only time will tell (SPOILER: the answer is yes).

Landers & Redd are both specimens of a space-faring people I call "Novakid," which is a no-good race of humanoid gas-bags. If you want to read more about them, I made an info dump full of fake facts in a thread here: [link]

I came up with this idea by looking as ~Suweeka’s sketch of aliens, and then from listening to too much Old Joe Clark. Then I was like "OMG PUT COWBOY HAT ON STAR PEOPLE" and lo and behold, it was done. The space genre can only benefit from more cowboys, in my opinion.

This was a fun exercise in lighting. At one point I was thinking to myself "wait, if these guys are glowing, why isn't any light showing through their clothes?" and then I settled for their clothes being made of lead or something. I'm sure there's tons of bad science in this picture, like coats and gases billowing in a near-vacuum.

Made in Flash (characters & train) & SAI (background)

UPDATE: these guys are goin' into a game! Yeehaw!
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YEEHAW! 🤠 this looks super sick indeed!

somedude278's avatar

did god's work makin this fuckin drawing, Novakids are the best thing ever

GoofballPaul's avatar


I just came from a youtube video of the novakid theme because the thumbnail (this drawing) caught my eye, and I am SUPER glad someone in the comments credited you! ^0^

TheNicRennie's avatar
Felournn's avatar

Did I seriously just accidentally find the person who made one of the starbound species????

ThatGuyWhoHasATank's avatar

This is what got me into art and music, plus my first introduction to space westerns. Thank you!

somewhat late, but this picture is just pure awesomeness

THE13THARROW's avatar
I love the lighting 
ehcyt's avatar
I love this!
Arryxanims's avatar
I love how these guys ended up in Starbound gw man

Rad-ish-Radish's avatar
All hail this masterpeice!!!! YEEEE
Yokitho's avatar
Very good job !! Amazing !!
CrazedFloof's avatar
This is awesome!!!
agartist's avatar
found this through ENM's youtube channel  Coyote Kisses - Six Shooter   song makes the image even more epic! ^-^
EvieSkufin's avatar
Me too. Really good art with a good song.
PenciltipWorkshop's avatar
this looks badass

gas-bag space cowboys
toffeeComet's avatar
this is enchanting
FloweryFruitFangs's avatar
Been searching for this particular drawing, glad I found the source. So this is where the novakid came from, awesome!
SuperNormalMan's avatar
Novakids are my favorite race to play as.  I mean, who WOULDN'T want to play as a space cowboy?
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
reminds me of osmosis jones
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