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My First Fanfic
by John Su

Sonic the Hedgehog ran very quickly down the hall to where the fire was coming from. While running he ducked into a rolling spin and made a sound like "@@@@@@@!" so he could dodge the fireball lasers.

At the top of the staircase he stood up and shouted at the top of the staircase "Sephiroth!" The man with long hair turned slowly and with a flash of his sword removed Sonic's nipples from his body.

"OUCH that hurts!1" cried Sonic, hurting. "Looks like I will need the power of the CHAOS CRYSTAL for this opponent!" and he raised up a handful of glowing gems.

The light from the jewels summoned all the legendary pokemon in the world together and they fused together into a Pyschic Ghost Dragon Pokemon. "LEAVE THIS TO ME, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!" it said in the voice a thousand monsters, and shot a giant Hadouken at Sephiroth.

Sephiroth bounced it back with a spin of his blade, and it hit the Psy-Gho-Dra-Mon in the face, crashing him to the floor and half-crushing No-Nipples Sonic. "This is bad!" said Half-Dead No-Nipples the Hedgehog. "It looks like we will need to call for that man, Psyghodramon!"

"YES" he agreed, and used his 7 physic goat dragon balls to make a wish "SEND US THE CHOSEN HERO OF PROPHECY!" as Sephiroth slowly descended to finish them off.

Just then a bright light from the sky shone, and the Grand Master John Su descended from the moon on rocket powered rocket boots, with a beautiful woman on each arm. When he landed, there was a chorus and fanfare of trumpets, and he lowered his sunglasses and said "Yo."

"Who are you" said Sephiroth as he threw a ninja star at light speed at John Su. John Su turned and winked at the star, and the bright light instantly dissolved it into space dust. "Pretty good," said Sephiroth, "but your still gonna loose!" and he transformed into Super Saiyan 4 Sephiroth.

"Take this!" he screamed as he flew towards John Su. John Su flexed a single muscle, generating an awesome MANWAVE that overpowered Super Sephiroth and sent him flying into space, frozen forever in defeat.

"Thank you for saving us, John Su" said the world. "You are so strong and cool"

"I know," he replied, and jumped back up to the moon after resurrecting the 4th Hokage.
Well, I'm done with Fanary February, but I figured why not squeeze in a FanFic while I can?

The hardest part about writing this was writing it.
Also forcing myself to use "loose" instead of "lose."
But it was eventually fun.

Made in Fla Notepad
Copyrights Everywhere

EDIT: Manwave, for those who are curious: [link]
Also I am sorry for resurrecting Aerith (who nobody likes) at the end. I will change it to someone else who will not be a spoiler.

EDIT2: Fanart of Fanfics?? Wow! Thank you Lark, Elaine, Wasil, Wasil again, and LegalDrugFanatic!
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I was once a young, restless, and ignorant young child of the southwest states. Had no sense of law or reason, just on the run, with the gang I had joined. Already had my hand at killing, theft, and fraud. I have to admit, I had a ticket for the fast train to hell. Having been barely literate, with little or no educational future, I stumbled across a family of seven, living in the woods in a tent. I had been dispatched by the gang leader, to take their supplies, and kill, if needed. The youngest, a little boy, named Billy Bob Joe, handed me a home computer, who knows how it was powered out there. I looked at the screen, I read, rather slowly 'My First Fanfic'.

As each line was read, I felt, by the dynamic presence of all deities surrounding me, blessing me, and forgiving me for my sins against the world. Tears began flowing from my dry eyes, and emotion replaced it. Such a beautiful piece of literature has never before been known to man, woman, or sausage link. Thank you, John Su. You have saved a family, whom ended up having been a band of ravenous flesh-eating demon-cows.