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Mountain Bandit

By JohnSu
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Of no relation to the Valley Bandit).

Bartow Laughingbones was once a proud member of the Seaside Bandits, but left after a dispute over the group's mission statement and set himself up in the mountain pass to do solo work. Though he lives off the road, hidden in the mountain wood, he spends the majority of his time loitering on the path where he waits for travelers and merchants to pass by. There is no local law enforcement in those parts, so he is mostly unhindered in his work except when dealing with escorts and bounty hunters. When traffic is low, he cuts down bears and eats them.

Bartow is a large man, weighing roughly 300 pounds and standing at a little over 7 feet tall. He primarily targets travelers with consumer goods, taking food, drink, and materials needed for maintaining his home. Money is useless where he lives, so he has no use for it. Despite his violent disposition, Bartow is a lover of women (or, more appropriately, is favorably biased towards them) and will often let them pass unharmed after exchanging a few words and maybe asking for some food (of which he is also a lover).

Well, that's about everything of interest.

It was fun drawing Bartow's face (he actually looked like Kittan for a while before I changed his hair), and the sunset was an amusing experience as well. Went back to alpha based shading for this one - hadn't done that for a while. Haven't also uploaded two deviations in a week for a while.

Made in Flash

EDIT: It seems like a number of people are inquiring about the axe, so I guess I'll address the issue regardless of how obscure it is (see how much I cater to you guys?). Bartow's axe is a double edged axe he uses to cut things. It is sharp and heavy and dangerous to everything. He got it from an axe store. There, I hope that sates your hunger for trivia.

Oh, and its name is Pretty Betty and it used to be a normal axe until he mugged a wizard (I think) who, upon learning of Bartow's weakness for women, turned his axe into a girl in hopes of rendering Bartow's aggression useless. But as an axe, Pretty Betty was quite encouraging, and things ended poorly for said wizard. Now Pretty Betty keeps Bartow company when nothing is happening, and they enjoy crude jokes together and discussing life and food.
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First time seeing this. I hope you don't mind but this is my new desktop background. Wonderful work.
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i like the style
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Randomness. Randomness everywhere.
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haha I love the face he is giving while swinging the axe. I give props on the entertaining work good job!
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lol, never seen that before. XD
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XD She kinda always knew she'd end up his Axe Girlfriend....
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dis reminds me of Elemental Gelade
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Reminds me an awful lot of those Fire Emblem mountain bandits.
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This art....just defined win.
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Loli Axe=mad damage, stats top tier.
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Pretty betty is the axe? Ok I don't want to get hit by Pretty betty :XD:
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because that would hurt your feelings!
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The axe is brilliance.
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haha niceness. that sounds like it would be a nice, interestingly funny short manga and/or anime.
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i love the drawing lines and coloring. His battle ax is so cute...
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You have been mislead sir, that is clearly Race from Johnny Quest with a new found fetish for killer lolitas.
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this is definately totally random :XD:
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This is a fun little bit of awesome. XD I love the axe!
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You're a creative fellow! The axe That's great!
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Love the story behind the axe, hilarious stuff!
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that axe is friggin' hilarious
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crap, I saved this months ago, and I forgot to fav.
Still makes me laugh everytime I see it. :) Truly a highwayman's best friend is... his axe.
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