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Mother's Sacrifice

Thanks mom, it was delicious!

Made in Manga Studio 5
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"...and my hopes and dreams."
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Oh, you know Mrs. Su says that in a little granny voice. :laughing:
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im just a tall fucker in a family of short people.
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,,,this is me and my mom... except shes the one ating my food
bloodmaker's avatar
This page with your comment, I almost rolled off my bed. lol
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Laugh now but your mom will one day die because of this choice, heartbroken, you will train yourself in the art of Alchemy for years hoping to bring her back. When you finally attempt the resurrection alongside your little brother however, you will lose your arm and leg and have to bind your little brother's soul to a suit of armor in order to save him. This will cause you to equip yourself with prosthetics built by your girlfriend and embark on a never ending quest alongside your brother to restore his body.
or you could skip that entirely and go straight to Necromancy.
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But I can avoid this fate if I never get a girlfriend...!
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I think you're ignoring the sequence of events...
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The joke! You found the joke! Hallefuckinlujah! (That was sarcasm by the way.)
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i was just pointing it out
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That's the problem, you killed the joke by pointing out the punchline.
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Shame on you. You should throw up at least half of her plate.
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LOL IRL My mom would totally get this. *makes mental note to show her later* (not because I eat her food, but because my 3 youngest siblings do. X3)
I wish I was getting taller instead of wider when I eat too much haha
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I have my food forced down my throat. Not literally, but like my family makes sure I eat, they watch me while I eat XD
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