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Finally, she appears!

I've had this idea in mind for quite a while now, but until today I hadn't taken the opportunity to put it on screen. Anyhow, shall I explain who this maiden is? I shall! I shall!

So this here is my Flash mascot. One of the things I say so often at the end of my deviations is "Made in Flash," so this deviation can be taken as an allusion to that. There's going to be some confusion now, as there's a maiden named Flash and a program also called Flash, so for this deviation I'll be referring to the girl as "Flash" and the program as Adobe Flash.

"Flash" is the personification of Adobe Flash, designed to incorporate a number of references to the program: in her hair are the Selection Tool and the Sub-selection tool, in her hand is the paint brush tool (with a pressure sensitive tip on the other end), on her apron is a folder for containing layers, on the bottom of her apron is a row of keyframes, on her stomach is the playhead for the timeline, and over her right eye she wears the shockwave emblem. And we'll say she keeps everything I've forgotten in her apron folder.
Also, she knows how to speak in three Actionscripts.

The flowers in this picture are based loosely off of peach blossoms, not for any particular reason. The fact that she's wearing an eyepatch is testament to the fact that you can only use one mouse button in swf's. Or maybe it's another reason.

This picture took me pretty much the whole day, from morning to night. Gurgggghh, so tired. And I don't think I can sell this as a print, since it contains symbols owned by Adobe. Oh well, I'll leave it up to you folks to print it out on high quality paper for yourselves, then.

And urrggggh, her leg looks weird. I blame her clothes and my fail.

Made in Flash

Flash © Adobe
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