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Mahou Shoujo Girly Blue

The moment I wrote that title, a shudder went down my spine. Why do I feel so insecure all of a sudden?

So Girly Blue is a kind-hearted "magical girl" with a single mission: to spread rainbows and bubbles throughout the world and to slay the serial rappist demon lord and drink his blood. That's not quite a single mission, I guess.

In this particular scene, she is helping out a poor boy who was cursed into the form of a crocodile and could only be restored to normal by "flying through the sky from sunrise to sundown."

He later turned out to be just a very talkative crocodile.

Well, onto art-speak.

Overall, I feel very "bleh" about this piece. The shot isn't particularly dynamic, the character doesn't stand out amongst my other creations, the crocodile and the pigeons have questionable anatomy, and the shading on the clouds could still use some work. I almost decided not to finish this, but oh well. Every piece is a stepping stone, right? This one just isn't encrusted with jewels and flair - just rainbows and an airborne lizard (which I guess is pretty cool in itself).

I apologize for the tasteless name "Girly Blue" and the fact that she has like no blue on her, but that was the only name I could think of aside from "Cutty Flam" (which, as some of you may know, already belongs to the magicalest girl of all). That, and it vaguely sounds like "gullible."

Cutty Flam is totally cool, btw.

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But angels are supposed to be birds' best friends! Unless she's not an angel.
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This looks really beautiful
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She is totally not gonna " die " from doing this                        Yes she is 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
crimsonbloodbender88's avatar
One way to take revenge on the flying rats.
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this is a bigger acid trip than :iconmableplz:Mable on a sugar rush
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I dont know if this is from some show or something but regardless my mind kinda feels stupid because of this.
ericl3414's avatar
Oh boy now you have to do a Madoka version that is hilarious :0
Alkenstine's avatar
my logic has just been rendered invalid
Darkmuraden's avatar
Kill the serial rappist demon lord AND "Drink his blood", theres an intresting twist
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when i first saw this, i thought she was giving a crocodile the heimlich maneuver and live pigeons sprung forth like discolored doves. but this works too. XD
K-OZ-Will's avatar
Is that a game?
Cause flying around carrying an alligator and hunting down pidgeons (flying minions spawned from hell) sounds like a fun game to me xD
JohnSu's avatar
maybe it will be a game one day
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Thumbs up for fulfilling a crocodiles dreams, lil' gal!
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It's 1 AM and I'm on Deviantart, desperately trying to find references to the internal anatomy of Pigeons, frustrated with the world.
And then I find this.
Thank you for making my life ten times better than it was a few moments ago. :XD:
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I must warn you, the internal anatomy of my pigeons are based on gourds
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"Hey ,fly me a little closer to those pigeons .I'm hungry ."
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Looks more like it's belching the pigeons out.
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thats... surprisingly cute.
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Eat the birds!!!! >:)
FerretLover805's avatar
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ur amazing this looks professional
how old r u?
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