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Lion's Paw

By JohnSu
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Little Pyotr Rabbit went fishing by the lake
Cast his line into the water, felt it start to shake!
"Boy, I've got the big one now!" he cried with childish glee
(What a rabbit does with fish is frankly beyond me)

He pulled with all his might and brought his catch up to the surface
then dropped it on the ground (though this part was not on purpose).
The first to break the silence was the freshly captured fish:
"If you'll return me to the lake, I'll grant you any wish."

Pyotr took a moment to reflect upon his life
His days were fairly mundane and devoid of any strife
"There isn't really anything exciting nowadays,
I wish a shoujo would appear, like in my animes!"

"I'll get right on it!" said the fish and blinked (do fish have eyelids?)
Then something burst out from the ground, the sound heard 'round the islands
The fish said "Can I go home now? This deal is done from my end."
But Pyotr was already screaming "I MUST RUN FROM LION!"

It was in fact a shoujo: Lion's Paw, the cyborg human!
But Pyotr had no time for that as he was now a zoomin'
down the road back to his house, a hunter on his heels
(His chaser's only goal, though, was to know how his fur feels)

So that concludes my write up of this artwork here delayed
I thank you for your patience and I'm grateful that you stayed
But now I must return to filing taxes on my cash.

Background made in Manga Studio,
Characters in Flash
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© 2016 - 2020 JohnSu
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nuuuu run little bunny run!

JoseMiguelMcAllen's avatar

That is one cool robot arm I love it

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WhiteWarrior02Hobbyist Artist
Doomfist's little sister.
Faithfeather's avatar
your coloring is so freaking good! I see you used Manga Stuido for the BG but what about the rest of the coloring? Was that all Manga Stuido as well? I currently use PaintTool Sai but have been looking into alternate programs just to test em out
Evodolka's avatar
EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
for some reason having 1 giant clawed arm is always cooler than having 2 for some reason :D
ArtistsClique's avatar
ArtistsCliqueProfessional Digital Artist
How to background?? I struggle so much with them 😅
SilentOni's avatar
SilentOniHobbyist Digital Artist
The Story makes this funny and adorable, Nice xD
CherryPod's avatar
CherryPodStudent Digital Artist
Awesome art AND a poem?? :tinyhappyclapwithbounce: +plz 
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Could I ask what is Flash?
Viper-X27's avatar
I just found this after looking up RWBY art and the cyborg looks like it has traits from the members of Team RWBY.

Ruby's red cape.
Weiss' white hair.
Blake's yellow eyes.
Yang's... current lack of a right arm.

More or less.

Yeah... that bunny has no chance.
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BrettdagirlHobbyist General Artist
.....I don't know what is better: the picture or the poem. You genius, you. Love it~!
diskfire's avatar
I think this would make one heck of a bedtime story.
Turtlze's avatar
Is she trying to skin the bunny, or does she just want to pet it? Cause sometimes finding out how a creatures fur feels sometimes means skinning it and wearing said creature.
Nekuyo's avatar
I wasn't truly amused by the poem until you rhymed your standard "Characters made in Flash" thing into it. xD
Shahou's avatar
Poor Pyotr! It's just so adorable, i can't help but laugh and pity the poor rabbit. Love the rhyme in this story :D
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NinthTaleStudent General Artist
I am constantly blown away by what you can do in Flash
CaKoRaFi's avatar
You should do poetic descriptions more often.
This was genius!
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good luck with your taxes!!
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JohnSuHobbyist Digital Artist
Hooray! They are done! Thank you!
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senpai noticed meFlying Cirno by Porforever  
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NycterisAHobbyist General Artist
How can you be so consistently awesome?
The mind reels.
And then jigs.
And does a little backflip.
And kind of gooshes, since it can't nail the landing.
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JohnSuHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't, mind!
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Fav'd because of your wonderful poem
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cardboardmemoryHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol even the end ryhmed, nice story
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