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Kirby Egg-Catcher

I've ported a small minigame from Kirby's Adventure (NES, 1993) to Flash and ripped some sounds from other related games. You'll have to pardon the lack of a preloader. But hopefully it's small enough to not cause a problem with you out there blessed with something other than dial-up. Oh, how I envy~
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eh. it's partially luck based, since sometimes dodging a bomb at the same time an egg comes down.
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i cant stop playing this halp
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this is like Nom cat but with Kirby
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This is so well made! Good job!
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Loli-Tsundere's avatar
12 years later and still a good flash game
puppybogge's avatar
Good enough u3u
gumcake's avatar
I got 30/30 on my 4th try :D
JohnSu's avatar
Yeah! You deserve this! :trophy:
SmashWaffle's avatar
so fucking hard...
SilverGadgetWolf's avatar
91/100 ._. So close
magolorandmarx's avatar
Love it!
53/240 ._.
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lolz, Kirby's face!
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Really hard game, but it's very fun!:D (Big Grin) 
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Awsome but hard
AquaOshawott01's avatar
It's hard but fun! 
rainbowkittencupcake's avatar
Great job :3 Amazing art and animation
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i like it but its to hard !!!!!!!!!!!
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