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How To Talk To Women

"But daaad, you didn't talk to her."
"It's good enough."

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In video games, people actually listen to what other people have to say.
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why didn't I think of that
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I'm sure that many dads have been proud to pass this information on to their children.
Text boxes that appear when you press "X" really is the most civilized form of communication. 
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That's how i talk to my sister. :)
Her line: "What the hell do you want ?"
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Hahaha! Well played!
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Hahaha, yeah that's how it goes. Also, love the Nichijou style art
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haha thats how you speak to me

but the most like this moment i ever had is

me: mom! how do i ask a guy out to the prom

mom: you just go to your dad lock him in the room and go infront of a boy and talk about video games

Me: how do i ask?

Mom: press random buttons on their controller

me: mind*thats so dirty...*
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I like this one xD If only it was that easy in the real life xD
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Excellence. Doin' the Lord's work. :3 I love this three-panel.
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What a good way to mess with children, especially if she's in on it.
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Ooah I love the drawing style!!
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Sitting in public transportation...
Suddenly someone in the back begins lol-ing
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Did you create this? Or was it taken from facebook or some other social media outlet?
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I remember this comic. Oh my god...I was laughing my ass off. Good thing neither my wife nor I can have kids. :D
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