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Hatsune Miku

Drawing some Hatsune Miku fanart just for kicks and cause I like her design (neckties oh man oh man oh neckties).

Don't know who Hatsune Miku is? [link]
Don't know why she's holding Welsh onions? [link]

Originally I made this in Japanese, and normally I would submit it like that. However, after reading countless silly questions ("What program did you make this in?"), the fact has been seared into my brain that a lot of visitors never read the comments.


Nobody is surprised. Anyhow, it also seemed to me that it would make more sense that if I were submitting to an English site and an English version was readily available, it would just be assy of me to not submit the English version. Regardless, I still liked the Japanese version, so for any of you japanophiles or Japanese-literate folk, have at you: [link]

Alright, that's about all I've got to say. In anticipation of some of the questions I'm about to get, I'll try to answer them now:
- The bowl says "Miku" and is full of rice
- The figure on the left is a representative of the End User
- The background holds no significance. It's just the inside of a house or something.
- Flash is a program. It's really called that. I make stuff in it.
- Yes, negi = welsh onion. I'm using just "onion" in this one 'cause it sounds super stupid calling it "welsh onion" (like how some anime dubs insist on saying "big brother"). They look like leeks, but aren't.

EDIT: Actually, "Welsh onion" is also incorrect, being not Welsh. Let's just stick with "green onion." It's green. It's onion. You can call it leek as long as it's not in the context of Is-Negi-a-Green-Onion-or-a-Leek; kind of like how it doesn't make sense to call a Native American an Indian when there's a guy from India standing there.

Made in Flash

Hatsune Miku © either YAMAHA Corporation or Crypton Future Media or both. Too much hassle to research it.
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