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Gentleman Punch

By JohnSu
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VIOLENCE is the only solution to this predicament! Maybe even ALL predicaments??

The immediate aftermath can be found here:…

The not-so-immediate aftermath is that the Bear-Arms the Bear tells his partner Porklar that he can't do it no more, that he has to leave the life of crime. Porklar derides him for chickening out, unaware of the irony of his own eventual defeat.

Meanwhile, Bear-Arms is so inspired by the manly punch he received that he adopts the way of the gentleman and undergoes rigorous training, eventually becoming the renowned Get Down Itsa Bear that would save Connecticut (and one day, Christmas).

The End

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This is my favorite thing right now<3 i love it so much XD
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take that you ursine rapscallion, next time don't were a sneaky robbers mask
Swine. Gentleman Sloth
Razor-Jacket's avatar
He punched him with his BARE hands 👺
CherryPod's avatar
Awwwww YEAAH!!
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Gentleman Punch... in style!
NycterisA's avatar
That manly punch!

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This is cute! A man protecting a child from a killer bear! that is so adorable!!
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that poor local bear q.q
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That's a great name for a super hero. Gentleman Punch. Ally to One Punch Man.
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Nothing stops a mugger bear trying to rob your loli better than a gentleman punch. That being said, I laughed like an idiot whit this xD
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The bear has a knife xD
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all he needs is a manly beard...also does that bear have a switch blade
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Yes. He is dangerous.
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Man switchblade bears I remember hearing about them in school they are dangerous
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only me who thinks.. ONE PUUUUUUUUUNCHHHH!!!!!! awesome drawing btw!
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watch out he got a knife
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Be all like "Get REKT, bear!"
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