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Generation Gap

What's this? Two deviations within the hour? I've gone mad with power!

Made this one while talking with :iconlutherniel: the other night; it dawned on me that Red Riding Hood really has no tact in talking with her grandmother.

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Children today.
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Hahaha! Poor Grandmother.  Hood, you are so tactless.
SheTheTDE's avatar
what about the grandma with the big eyes and the one with the big ears?
JohnSu's avatar
she's got 'em both!
SheTheTDE's avatar
yeah, but not nearly as exadurated as her teeth
HAHAHA  So funny!!!!
zafic's avatar
Ha Ha Ha Ha...nice...!Love 
AnyLuck's avatar
This is hilarious. Poor grandma!

I've also featured your lovely artwork in The Many Faces of Little Red Riding Hood.
violettunami's avatar
lol, awesomeness.
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hahahahahahahha this is just the best!
PyroTogepi's avatar
Kids have no manners these days...:D
Drydell-da-Vinci's avatar
I LOLed so hard at this!
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It's true to life though. When my brother in law was a child he walked around the supermarket saying things like "I SEE A FAT WOMAN!" and "I SEE MAN WITH ROTTENED TEETH!" at the top of his voice.
Mushroom-kat's avatar
HAHAHAHA!!! This is hilarious, thank you so much!
YesIamEccentric's avatar
Ungrateful old cow XD
ragingspacebull's avatar
Horrible child or not, Grandma does have big teeth...
poxto's avatar
totally true, haha!
SasoFangirlx3's avatar
haha x'D red riding hoods face XD :heart: so cute :'3
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