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Dual Wielder

Tarantula Bombistin was sitting at home one day, looking over his unallocated skill points and wondering what to do with them. His sisters came in to give him advice:

"Spec in dual wielding; we did it and it was pretty cool."

so he specced in dual wielding in the sister branch (his brothers tried to convince him to dual wield brothers instead, but he insisted "no, girls are more popular").

So now they are nigh unstoppable.


So I tried two things in this picture.

The first was to work in a male character so as to not further unbalance the gender ratio in my gallery. Failed in this respect, as he came with two females.

The second thing was to use Flash lines. The other day I saw a picture with very thin lines (probably photoshop?) and I was very envious, because it is so hard to draw with thin lines in Flash using the brush tool.

But then I remembered that Flash has line tools, too! But then I remembered that they suck. But then I remembered that there was one that sucked less - the Ink Bottle Tool!

Combining this with my lineless art style, I wondered if I could produce some very fine lines without the horrible guesswork of the pencil tool and without the breaky lines of the brush tool. The result: it looked very much like your typical Flash traces. But I discovered this could be avoided by reducing line width to < 1, and by setting the opacity to ~40%.
I also discovered my lineless style was very sloppy.

Outlining the shapes brought to my attention a lot of poorly conceived shapes and poor-fitting components. But at least the lines looked like what I wanted! I just need to address the more fundamental issue of Bad Brushwork now. I think the technique has potential, so I will continue to develop it for the time being.

In retrospect, I should have strapped the sisters to some sort of girder and then had Tarantula wielding those. But that would be kind of hard to fit on a page.

Made in Flash
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Believe it or not, this very concept and idea of using people to dual wield has already been done before.

In the manga/anime series Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple by the character Hayato Fūrinji.

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well they do say the best defense is a good offense  
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That face kick really ties it all together.
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Technically, that's quad wielding. But nice work.
Akiyama24's avatar
Taking dual-wielding to a whole new level! Epic! XD
Masterix2442's avatar
He has truly mastered duelwielding!
TitaniumGrunt7's avatar
Huh, a person Dual Wielding Dual Wielders, never thought I'd see something like this
GoldenHeroMC's avatar
..................WHAAAAAAT? (Chat Icon) Markiplier-WHAT-THE-FUCK-HAPPENED-50px - Emoticon 
AmberstarofThunder's avatar
Behold! The destructive powers of...
By the way, is it okay with you if I use this pic as a reference for practicing hair? I have a lot of trouble with hair.
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I am okay with that :thumbsup:
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Thanks! It's a big help(I'm so hopeless^^)
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So is this like dual-wielding squared?

Two questions: can this fighting style be learned? If so, where do I sign up?
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It cannot be learned!

It is a gift from the heavens.
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Ah, indeed. May glory shine upon him/them!
Death the Kid, eat your heart out.
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Dual-Wielding Dual-Wielders. Holy Cupcakes. Highly awesome, Higly impractical.

Seriously though, one of the most easiest ways to make a character cooler is for him to dual-wield. Just look at Kirito. Heck, even Ichigo Kurosaki eventually did this. AND I SUPORT THIS NOTION! DUAL-WIELDING IS AWESOME!!!
I like the happy guy :B
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muahahahaha ur awesomenesss
Demialc-neeb-sah-em's avatar
Good... you must take it further.

The sisters must wield the brothers, who in turn are welding living weapons... that can also hold things.
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this is quickly becoming one of the hecatonchires
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