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Desu Note

First off, my apologies to the rabid Death Note haters. If you have to complain about the times, please do so elsewhere - I sincerely doubt I possess the power to destroy fandoms at request.
EDIT: Of course, considering that Death Note doesn't have a large market over here, the fanbase is probably small enough to not give rise to a significant antibase. Ah, never mind then.

Secondly, my apologies to those of you who don't know who Suiseiseki is. Anyhow, her trademark abuse of "desu" is what resulted in this deviation. I had this particular idea during a conversation with ~marykn13, but it took me several days to finally getting around to finish it. So here it is!

For those of you illiterate in Japanese, ですノート and デスノート are pronounced exactly the same. That's why the note papers have "desu" written all over it.

I wonder if the death note has power to kill sentence copula?

...Ryuk is my favorite apple-eating goth-fish-crow-zombie-thing.

Light, Ryuk, and Death Note © Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata
Suiseiseki © Peach-Pit
Made in Flash

EDIT: No idea how Suiseiseki became associated with "desu"? [link]
And Ryuk has two arms. Look closerly.
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Kawaii, Desu, Senpai!! Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 
From what Devi has told me, its Japanese for fuck youIcon - 089 Alister (I'll Fucking Kill You)  
No. It's くたばれ (Kutabare). Now you can put that on your TIL list.
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Thats really funny well done :)
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:iconeverywhereplz::iconsaysplz:DESU, DESU EVERYWHERE ~desu
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I sure hope there's no one in the world named desu. :ohnoes:
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everyone named "desu" better say their prayers.
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Haha this is so funny and so cute! :) amazing!
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So it was you!!!! I've seen this image thousands of times around the internet but never knew who made it... until now... It's always hilarious to see
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huzzah! I don't get around much, so I'm glad to hear it's been posted on the internet thousands of times!
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HOLY SHIET CUUTE I am a dummy! Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Tard Jig Pervy Blossom 
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So much for becoming God and all... :3
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inside joke, sorry.
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...Is that Su from Shugo Chara?

I knew she was going to crack someday. No one is THAT preppy and cheerful.
Heh heh, Raito-kun is stuck :D.
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what does Desu mean?
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desu is also one of a few possible ways to spell the English word "death" in Japanese. (there is no TH sound in Jp, so S sounds are used.)

Another way is dessu (which IS actually pronounced slightly differently.)

And also de-su (longer eh sound).

The joke should be obvious knowing this.
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