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Death Smiles Upon You

and maybe does a little jig, too.

Still working on my PAX report! Line art is done, I just need to color it now, but things have been SUPER BUSY between work and wasting time when I'm at home, so please bear with me a little longer!

Anyhow, today is :iconrakugaki-otoko:'s birthday, and he was super sick for two weeks, and I liked this character (Eclipsus) from his game that he's been developing solo for super long, so I decided to set aside a couple of hours to pump this thing out in time for today. Happy birthday, you diseased artist you!

I like to imagine that the Reaper up there has accidentally pooped a little and is trying to draw attention away from it by waving his arms and making noises.


Made in Flash
except for the stripy texture on top of the whole thing. I forget where that was made.
China, maybe.
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wait isn't DEATH WALKS AMONG You Im ow trash (btw love your art
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coooooool really really very cute
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Sei bravissimo i colori azechatisimi lo stile di disegno sei un vero artista
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I wouldn't mind dying if that cute thing was the last thing I saw
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Adorbs! Looks amazing! I love your art
Mage2902's avatar
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AHHH, you're super duper hilarious! The description....Pffthahaha!!! :D 
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Making Death look cute... now I've seen it all... Clap :D (Big Grin) 
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That little Reaper is adorable. I wouldn't mind having one of those around.
This is so precious.

Loving the look on her face, so adorable!
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I was visited by the reaper recently. Not to because he was trying to reap my soul but because he was trying to examine my friend and i. Needless to say it was very scary having the reapers presence in our room.
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Was it just a routine inspection, or was he like, a pervert or something?
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I doubt it was routine and as to if grim is a pervert or not. Well i think thats a question you should ask the reaper directly when your own time has come.
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and whistles when hes checkin you out xD
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Made in Flash? What? Dayum, that's nuts. I guess I can see how it would work.
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Lawlz Tell ur friend happy B-day from me
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dawww, death is so qwute :3
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