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Beauty and a Beast

By JohnSu
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In my opinion, the saddest part of the movie wasn't when he lay dying in the rain, but when his awesome visage was DESTROYED and replaced with that of a hideous man-thing.

Anyhow, I just watched the 1991 Disney film on my laptop recently, so I thought to do this. My other idea was to have her throw herself from the balcony in despair, but I think I rather like the knife better.

If any of you are confused by the title, it may help if you read it as "[She's a] Beauty and a Beast."

Belle and Prince Creepy © Disney

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I always though this changing kind of destroys the whole idea of "look beyond what you see"...
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damn furries...
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OverlordCiel627Hobbyist General Artist
I agree lol. Thought he seemed okay in human form, but his "spirit animal" is the one fans felt more close to. They're not wrong.
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ShellquakeHobbyist General Artist
That's women for you.
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Beyworld101Student Traditional Artist
There's a meme I saw on Pinterest awhile back where it involved both a crab and a knife. Do you know what's it say on it?
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ForestKitty22Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh I wished so much!!La la la la Heart 
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Her face says it all
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LivingTrophiesStudent Digital Artist
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Clare-GundersenHobbyist Traditional Artist
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[When you see for the first time your boyfriends without his fursuit] :'D
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storhammarHobbyist General Artist
Bwahahaha! :D
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LuniQuinYTHobbyist Digital Artist
Well of course he's gonna change back, Disney spinoffs don't use normal logic
PickaPluckofCherries's avatar
PickaPluckofCherriesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, Beast was better than Adam.
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UndertaletrashaHobbyist Artist
Seriously, how long did they have to search to find such a boring ass prince?
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PixaretteHobbyist Digital Artist
They said they put almost no effort in designing the prince because they knew people wouldn't like him because he's not the beast they fell in love through out the movie.   
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This is so funny! :D
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This is hilarious :teevee:
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ShyGirlOfficialStudent General Artist
This is Amazing XD Clap 
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Oh my goodness, how funny! 😂😂😂
Your art style is so adorable!
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Thats me when i first saw the movie haha xD
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poise-n-rationalityProfessional Digital Artist
hahahahaha I guess the furries win in this round. Well played, Disney. Well played.
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OverlordCiel627Hobbyist General Artist
Everyone loves a Beast XD
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SayakaIKArclightHobbyist Digital Artist
sooooo cuuuuuuuteeeee
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