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Beach Suit Samus

By JohnSu
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The last "panel", by itself:
Morph Ball Rounds Up The Party by JohnSu
With Smash Brothers' release coming up in two days, I felt compelled to make this comic.

This comic was inspired by an old Metroid manga I read years ago in which Samus had a fascination with round things and turning into a ball. I don't think it's canon, but I liked that bit of nonsense.

Some folks say Toon Link should be wearing his blue crayfish shirt. Maybe? But I really like how uncomfortable he looks in this heat. I am a bad man.

Made in Flash
Everybody © Nintendo

EDIT: Okay, I'm going to integrate that last card with the comic, since it appears to help with peoples' understanding much more.
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I don't think that's what they had in mind.

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She has a ball fascination?
I'm confused, the link doesn't work. Can someone give me a new link.
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Heyo! If it would be alright with you, I would love to dub your comic. Of course, I would give you full credit in the description ^.^
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Eyy, I know those faces! Nichijou - Yuuko Bored 

Well drawn.
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Samus got em’ good
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Did these just get dunked on?
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The real question is what happens when you falcon punch a morphball?
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Oh my chozo that is so awesome! :D
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Well she must live getting smacked
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Heheheh, makes sense to me. Every hardcore character needs a silly little quirk to make them more fun to watch...!
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That's Not what he Asked
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I still wonder how that Morph Ball works.......
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Her physical body is converted into energy, which allows her change into the morph ball with out crushing herself.
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Best theory out there. Shows it's proof in the prime series as well.
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fucking genius lmao
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