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Aerie Kyoudai

A.K.A - Naked Angels?

So I've been frequenting a scanlation forum ([link]) and decided out of the blue to make a sister for the the "mascot," which happens is some sort of naked angel boy thing that Ghostcheese the administrator colored (from the cover page of Chikyuu Kanrinin, I found out afterwards). Anyhow, I liked how this one came out, and I had just recently made a new deviantID so I thought I'd put up something to take the place of...dammit, what was it called?

Oh yes. Recent deviations.

I call these two Eriburu (left) and Eripinku (not left).
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Why couldn't they cover their selves with thier wings?
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Lol they could...
But im sure the sister is all caught up in being a snob Facepalm  
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True they could have but still its cute.
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I don't think angels are well known for their intelligence
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That's true, isn't it? Silly angels.
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zankokuna tenshi!! XD
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That link leads to a site that no longer exists according to my Internet service provider, but... point taken. XD
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Why do they have to be covered?
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because they are shy
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Markiplier: BOOOOBS
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Interesting work.
I only have one question...why no Eripinku recently?
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Well, it's kind of the norm for a lot of these deviations to be one shot features, so in keeping with that trend, this character from 9 years ago has not been in anything recently.
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(I can't even remember when I asked this question. XD)

Okay, had to ask out of curiosity.
I suppose she needed a better excuse then 'no because I'm older'.
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WAHAHAHAH this look so cool and funny
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I'm sorry Eriburu
Eripinku is right
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Hey, don't get upset. She does have a point.
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