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I don't know if this screen still shows up in Windows today, but some of you might remember it (under the assumption you've run Windows before). I think this was a Win2K thing. Anyhow, I made this quite a while ago and thought to share it with any who were interested. Click the "Restore my Active Desktop" multiple times to see what happens. It makes for a decent prank, I think.

In order to make this into a desktop, you may have to download it to hard drive and make an html in the same location. Windows ought to be able to load html's as desktops. Anyhow, you can save a copy of the aforementioned page here: [link]

Alright, I didn't think it was possible, but I guess enough people have downloaded the html to eat my daily bandwidth allotment for that hosting service. So, if you're really desperate, here's a copy/paste script. Have fun trying to figure out what it was before dA decided it would be helpful to format in all the smileys:

EDIT2: I've removed the pasted script, since it's apparently too confusing. Just use that link above.
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make Windows XPro that have this
Guscraft808Beta2's avatar
R.I.P Active Desktop (1997-2018)
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That was with Win98/2K.  I'm not sure if it continued into WinXP.  I never bothered using it.  :lol:
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Looooooool - Nice one!
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lol dat warning sign.
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I still think that this is one of the most annoying errors I have gotten on Windows. This appeared SO many times on my computer back in the day...
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that was weird ='D
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That was creepy. Q_Q
The sound effect you used sounded like the one they used in The House, so...Q_Q

But, this is great! Hahaha.
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OMG I've seen that game so scary!!!! >_< Jumps every 3 seconds! Hate the little girl to!
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I REMEMBER THAT WHEN I WAS USING THE WIN 98. oh my gooooodness, made me laugh so loud! loooove it, my my! thanks man! made my day!
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Wait, this was a thing?
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lol i did this so many times lol
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I remember clicking that button alot, silly Windows.
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dear past-John, a message from a man in the future.
This screen does not show up in Windows today.
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dear future-man

past-John does not live here anymore
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
Oh! I'm sorry sir, I must have the wrong number. Thank you for your time.
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XD that's so funny!
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awwww 0_0 no fair
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