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This is a Tarzan commission that I finally finished over the holidays.
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Thanks. Great pages in your gallery!
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nice composition, sir
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Beauty my friend.
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Love this! Wish you were still doing comics you talented bastard.
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Thats great Jeff... and Jane is hella sexy!!!

I was watching all the old movies on TCM recently and they got me thinking how much i'd love to see a new epic version of Tarzan on screen!
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I love this! I bet you'll see someone color this in a few days! Too cool!
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Great stuff, buddy!
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Nice composition.
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freaking beautiful man! I could stare at the hands all day but then again there's so much else that's awesome as well here. Guh. So good.
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That's awesome! Are you doing commissions now?
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I do them sometimes, but sadly, they take me forever to finish. This one took about a year.
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I've waited much longer for a couple of mine. But good quality can be worth the wait!
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Holy crap Jefe; this is awesome!!! I need to commission an Elric piece from you one day...
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Love that clean linework!
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