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The Biwa Generators - Neo Japan 2202

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Published: September 30, 2013
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Here's another piece!

Giant power generators located all around Lake Biwa, these generators are main power source for the Japan International Spaceport nearby.

Heres some other paintings:

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Not only is the artwork splendidly done but the story-line behind it is strong enough to build something incredible;..I'm talking big screen.
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nothing clever to say, this is just neat :D
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2DillustrationsHobbyist Digital Artist
Colors and framing are excellent.. very nice !
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The awesomeness Clap 
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TheCraftySnailHobbyist General Artist
I really love this whole series! I need all the lore ;-;
 Question: The moon was getting close, so they shot it in 1/2... But what were the consequences? There would be debris falling everywhere if the moon was that close, and the tides would be messed up
Question 2: What's the other planet there? The red one?
Question 3: Thr Moon is slowly moving away from the earth, not towards it. How did this happen?

sry for so many questions but... But... LORE
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CloudsKeeperProfessional Traditional Artist
Small Floating Cloud - F2U! GREAT ATMOSPHERE! WELL DONE!Small Floating Cloud - F2U! 
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688689proHobbyist Artist
this is like a mix of halo and destiny
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WizayeHobbyist General Artist
the ship in the backround is interesting :D
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robodavid99Hobbyist Interface Designer
OMG... the generators concrete texture.. It looks so real!!! Awesome job!
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bbbhytHobbyist General Artist
how do you do it so well?
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Nice. I like what appears to be Mars shifted to a nearer orbit, but did you REALLY have to go and break the Moon? I mean, I like the Moon and now you gone and done broke it!
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if this ends up being a series of anime, movie and or a game, make sure the characters speak Japanese (this is *japan* of course), try to make it as true as possible and don't just slap english in there, i've seen countless of anime,movies and games that do that same mistake, it will just look like a "dub" version, which in itself is just as bad.

i love futuristic stuffs and sometimes i wonder why it takes so long to develop stuffs from the future, if we have the so called creativity which defines us from any other animal (yes i said, we are animals, the way we treat each other should be a good response) anyway make sure they speak Japanese, since the cover of the book in your page has Japanese words and not english. however the english can be used in a way that people know it's a translation.

last words...

had to create an account for this comment -__-'

LOVE japan, thinking in going there one day.
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Gh0st11Hobbyist General Artist
Getting close to paradise.
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I like the Neo Japan series. However, I am slightly confused; is this supposed to be Earth, or another planet? I was asking because of the alien moons in the sky.
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this whole series is sick, really nice work. 
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Shimi269Student Digital Artist
Any chance of getting this as a wallpaper? This is just mesmerising 
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this stuff is amazing O_O is it fir anything exactly or only for fun? :D
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EvilNoodlesHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this stuff dude <3 keep it up!
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Beautifully done. The background's stunning and has such a sense of scale about it it really feels immense.
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TsukiiyoHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing job ♥
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Just found your stuff about 5 minutes ago, i can already say i'm a huge fan.
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