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Heres a painting I did yesterday for artgerm, he came to our college today and theres a sharing and interaction session with him, to show him our works. Well, so I tried my best to sum up what knowledge and skills I have now to do a painting and see how it works out, learned alot from alot of place recently, inspirations everywhere, so i thought it would be a great time to actually sum it all up to see how im doing.

It's an attempt to step out of my comfort zone actually, I'm always tucking myself in a dark mood, as i paint from dark to light, i always leave alot of darks in the painting, im starting to get uncomfortable, so..try to break it..but still trying.

Had this image stucked in my mind for a week during my trip outta town, I wanted to depict a futuristic punisher guy, where has all these badass attitude and humor, a usual guy except the fact that hes a killer. Had no computer to work with so I have to do alot of sketches and perspective studies on sketchbook, and then i realized how unprepared i am, so it kinda sparks something in my head.

Had to finished this within a day as i just got back and the talk was like few hours away. Working under a deadline that "dead" was truly awesome, coffees and cookies. Learned really alot from this piece. Oh and because of the tight deadline i recycled the helmet from my previous painting and the ships were from another painting i did.

Btw im thinking of doing a series of characters like a bauss paaintings, explosions guns and women. D:

Ps: theres quite a number of easter eggs actually, see if you could spot them.

EDIT: Tweaked some details some errors, you could redownload it if you want to.

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1st explosive wallpaper here [link]

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Screw that 2099 crap, this is the Punisher of the far future.