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Post apocalyptic

Here's a another speed painting I did this afternoon, trying out a post apocalyptic scene and wanted to share on some different techniques and hope to inspire some other people out there.

The time lapse of the video is here [link]
It's about 2.5 hours in real time.

Also, you guys could recommend want you want to know and what you would like me to share, I'll review them and hopefully do painting recordings to reply them. Just throw me any requests you have in mind.

So, you can follow my youtube channel and stay tuned for coming vids.

I'm not really that good at paintings, unlike masters like fengzhu, daniel dociu, kekai, etc, but i'm also learning, so i'll try to help those who're like me as well out there.
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Love the blue effects, and snow! Awesome job! Man, I️ would love to write a story based on that image. Is just so cool! 😎😆❄️
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Why do they have super gear the earths gone to shit
johncarver78's avatar
inspiring and cool
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We have a commission for a Post Apocalyptic Environment piece. If you have the time and are interested, please email me at
PostApoc-Gear42's avatar
Cool ! Like the blue lighting effects ! Plasma Cannon
metro 2133.... if the spartan get their shit together.
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i had so many Heureka moments during the timelaps painting of this pice, thx for the jolt of inspiration!
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If you're not good at paintings then i'm hopeless!

This is simply unreal! Amazing work man, nicely done!
PhotoMonkeyZ's avatar
wow... so very cool
SGTErikPike's avatar
Really spooky scene. What's the story behind this? Are these guys American? What happened and when?
PhillipStoltzArt's avatar
Watched the video, incredible! Love how fluid your line work is. Trying to learn to be like that haha. Other than that, beautiful piece! :D
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I really like this peace. Very nice job.
I hope to have talent like yours one day.
Verbatum's avatar
I love! So cool!
manwith0name's avatar
Convincing warzone!
crgone1's avatar
Amazing work!
mdude009's avatar
"I'm not really that good at paints" you're joking right?
QAuZ's avatar
Wade-Comics's avatar
One day I will be this awesome as an artist, thanks for pumping out A-Class inspiration for all us noobies, we appreciate it!
weebasaurus's avatar
wa seriously , your style is getting more and more individual. i recognize it immediately hahaha!

i guess the advice on painting faster and better is paint alot?
johnsonting's avatar
It depends, since im working in this industry, i have to be quick and accurate, so i have to practice alot of paintings and studies under a very tight timeline to train myself. If i'm working as a, lets say magic card illustrator, i will spend more time on producing a single illustration rather than rushing several paintings out. Haha, so it depends on which one you're happy with, it doesnt matter alot as long as you're painting.
weebasaurus's avatar
oh i see. so you're part time freelance with a day job as a CA ?
sorry to ask so many questions haha. curious x)
johnsonting's avatar
haha, yeap. Its okay. I work as a concept artist as my fulltime job but my freelance works are mostly about concept arts as well, sometimes illustration. I'll get any work i can find interesting xD
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