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This week's character! Sorry for the one day delay, had a really really busy weekend and alot of projects going on recently.

Okay, when i first saw this character, the design instantly caught my heart! it was so freakin amazing! And after i got to know that he was actually speedball, my love grew for him. lol.

I really like the character, so i didnt redesign him, just add in some stuffs, but wanted to do more like a tribute to this awesome character. And wanted to try out the amazing Marko's kinda way of approaching a simple yet effective background.

Also, this next 4 series, i will tackle on more emotional pieces! and will probably paint all the thunderbolts character.

Previously, the fiery four:
Ghost Rider: [link]
Deadpool: [link]
Punisher: [link]
Hawkeye: [link]
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Who is Penance? I never heard of this character