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Neo Japan 2202 - Phantom confrontation

Another piece for Neo Japan, this was resting in the WIP for awhile now, plan was to illustrate a scene I had written down. 

"A scene where Kazuko has sabotaged one of her fathers factories but unintentionally claimed a couple of innocent lives during the event. The seventh Phantom arrived but was too late, he was trying to save as much survivors as he can, burning men clung onto him to end their lives, blooded handprints all over his body. With lives dissapearing infront of his eyes, he grows angrier, unable to understand why it has to come to this. Kazuko was the one responsible for this, and he knew that he has to confront her, now or never. Then he finally found her.

On the ground, surrounded by fires while holding a lifeless body in her arms, the body of Dr. Matsumoto, a fatherly figure for Kazuko, the one who designed and gifted her with her mechanical arms, now lies dead because she wasn't quick enough. It all seem too familiar to her.

Now, Kazuko has to confront her phantom."

You can check out another "film" version of it on my artstation :P…
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Awesome color.
Is the book still a thing, or has it been cancelled?
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Can you tell me the font you use for that Awesome Japanese text? =O I am so inspired by Sci-Fi stuff!
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I found it... took me about 6-7 hours on the net... It's called Synthek LDR ... The brush one is difficult too, but that's not on this image still I found it, its called MouhitsuP ... but there is something he edit to make it more his than just slapping some text. He has done a great job.

so once again. the futuristic font is called Synthek LDR
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Dude thank you so much!!
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You know what, I'd like to know the same thing about what style of Japanese font this is.  :confused: rvmp 

Maybe :iconjohnsonting: will reply with more info on it.  :nod:
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I guess we will have to try and find out!
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Heh Heh ...

I've been looking online at various font websites and haven't been able to turn up anything.  :shrug:

Let me know what you find out (as it is an unique / desirable font).

Thanks for your quick reply, :iconxnovaseraangelx:

Take care,

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You too, I'll see what I can do to find out and if not I guess I'll have to make my own!
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Nice work and wonderful story.  I'm playing with a short story based around the game "The Division".

Great weapon. You do a nice job of taking weapons "to the next level" but keeping them believable.
Keep up the great work!
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This picture inspires me to write. I thank you for that :D
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I know, right? ^_^
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I literally grinned like an idiot when this popped up on the scroll feed. No idea what Neo Japan is, but this is one of the coolest pictures i've seen in a while. It's just got awe value.
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I like the use of AOR1 there.

Edit: Nevermind, that's not AOR1. Looks like it however.
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Neo Japan is probably one of my favorite things on this site...
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Nice. Dat silenced pistol.
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Awesomely done!!
khlorghaal's avatar
The explosions and fire make this so Metal.

One of your best works.
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Superb as always! :D
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