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NEO JAPAN 2202 - Yuto Ishii



Really wanted to do some Neo Japan stuffs ever since I got back from Tokyo recently, but currently catching up with all the works I've missed so I only manage to sketch this guy today :/
Yuto is one of the characters I have been developing recently, I'm currently writing the whole script and decided that I need a good+bad guy! He's gonna be an important role to Kazuko.

Heres the lore:

Yuto Ishii, also known as "Seven (7)" by most people, is one of the more wanted terrorist on the list. Yuto Ishii is formerly a prisoner in Hikari Maximum Security Prison, Yamaguchi, he was said to be a subject of a newly founded project that focuses on the psychological behavior of an inmate.
All the test subjects are only referred/called by their numbers instead of names, also to avoid a trigger of unnecessary memories. Yuto Ishii is known as 'Seven', the 7th patient in the first batch of the project. Yuto was an inmate on a death row, his conviction is a first degree murder of his parents, and an attempted murder on his brother, he pleaded guilty and though he was proven to be a mentally ill individual, he was still given a death sentence. He was also the only surviving patient from the first batch up until his escape, of all 26 subjects, 20 died of shock/trauma/heart failures, 3 suicide by biting their own tongue, and 2 shot on an attempted escape, the duration of the test lasted 6 years.

Yuto Ishii was considered a successful test subject as he has shown absolutely 0% of violent thoughts/behavior, his personality has also changed to a timid young and peaceful man, he has no memories of his traumatic childhood or previous crimes, the most surprising result is that his IQ has raised significantly, he was able to solve extremely difficult questions and his reaction speeds are almost tripled. Researches concluded that this is a direct result from the tests and they have increase the maximum potential of his brain. However, Yuto Ishii miraculously disappeared overnight on the winter of 2196, it was concluded that he has somehow escaped and the helmet on him was untrackable.

In the year 2199, a mysterious figure started appearing throughout tokyo and goes by the name "Seven", a vigilante that has sacked several drug dealers. But he was often seen talking to himself all the time, and has a few robotic limbs that seemingly acts on its own, as if the extra limbs belong to another person. Rumors has it that the 'psychotic' seven controls the limbs, and the 'genius' seven controls the main body. He has been seen with extra ordinary speed, and seems to be able to avoid bullets (unproven), as often as he appears, he has not once been detected by the local police.

Hopefully I can get some time to finished up this sketch and render him out!

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