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Hey guys, flash news!


So im going to need some pretty big favor from you guys! Currently im looking to make Neo Japan 2202 into a book before into a game! (hopefully), so there's a poll on the main page above my journal entry, i hope you guys dont mind doing a pretty fast two-click survey for me. If it were to be made into a book, it's going to be roughly like this:

-- English! But will probably have japanese translation/subtexts.
-- Most probably hardcover
-- 150 - 200 pages.
-- 50-100 artworks (Illustrations and sketches)
-- At least 30-50 Exclusive artworks that can only be in the book. 
-- The Story, tons of it! Not just plain texts but with visuals as well. 
-- Documents from the Neo Japan 2202 universe, maps/files/pictures/blueprints/namecards etc.
-- Price wise, im not really sure right now but i will definitely keep it as low as possible, the same goes to shipping, but if its not too much of a trouble i hope you guys dont mind dropping me a price range you would buy it!
-- Probably a digital ebook version as well (Download code for physical book buyers included)
-- Hopefully some soundtracks! (Currently looking for collaborators, you guys recommend anyone?)
-- Prints / posters inside!

This is still an initial concept so this is not the final product, just a rough mock up and testing around stuffs. Hopefully i can include different printing materials in the book to add a little more variety into it. 
Let me know what you think :D Feedbacks are important and let me know what you want the most to be in a book that you would love to own and love! It's important for me to know what you guys think and you're playing a big role to decide whether this book would be coming in the near future, so i take all the help i can get!

Also, if you're a publication company and interested to talk further, do not hesitate to contact me@
Any other artists that wishes to contribute anything to the Neo Japan universe, let me know in the comments below! 

IN OTHER NEWS, i have 19 invitations for Artstation this month, anyone need them? Im more than happy to give them :)

PS. Keep the feedbacks going! I read them all and will reply them one by one as always, it's important for me to know what you think, any help is greatly appreciated!
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How do I get it??
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ill buy it if this is still in the works
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How much is this going to cost?
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Ive just disovered this and its amazing! Id like to buy it Right Now.!!
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I'd buy it too
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is it a project again?
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I'd not hesitate to  buy it for about 40-50€ /40-50$ even if shipping costs additionally 20€ /20$ ;)
Just for epicness' sake!
Love your artworks and can't wait to see them in a high-quality book :D
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can't put into words how cool this would be!! a game :0 ...that would be incredible as long as graphics are someone from the UK id say $20/£14 for the book and would love hardcover
A nice info/profile section of characters would be nice keep up the incredible work...been a fan of your concept art hope to see release soon

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So, is this still a project ? Or did I miss it ? :o
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or how bout 50 bucks considering its quality and 200 pages of pure orgasmic goodness lol
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i would pay easily 25 dollars for this book. especially because my art is very heavily influenced by this stuff and i could use it for inspiration to get my brain going. then again maybe 19 dollars might be good for some people or even just 20
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OMG! I want this so bad!
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I'm waiting for it!
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i would buy. no hesitation.
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Love your work. You should do the game. There is already a similar FPS mod named Neo Tokyo. I'm sure they would work with you. Good luck!
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is this available???
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I´m very interested in this book
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Has the book been made yet? I would bye it in an instant! :)
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Ive followed you for a year or so, and just refound about the book and super excited about it, since i read the info in your newest work. I would love to get a copy of your book.
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