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NEO JAPAN 2202 - Shin Jinrui Experiment



Been awhile since I did neo jap. Time to let loose some! Not gonna post alot of stories regarding the universe just yet, i want to make sure i have enough visuals to present the universe when its ready.

"The Shin Jinrui experiment is a joint project to introduce neuro synchronization between humans and machines, this experiment was one of the many failed decisions before they settled on using AI controlled drones in the police force instead. One of the facility in charge of running these experiments was immediately abandoned after an incident, many have died during the incident and no one is allowed back to the area due to the extreme level of lethal radiation." 

And many many more to be continued. :D
Really fun to bring the universe together and im excited to explore more into it!

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this picture reminds me of another picture where a armored guy is in the same pose as u drew your dead guy. Even the harness is the same. I don't remember who drew since it was so long ago.