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NEO JAPAN 2202 - Royales

"Meet the Roiyaru keisatsu, also known as the Royales. The Royales are the royal police drones around the castles, this particular type are stationed at the outer section of the castle, mainly guarding the airspace from frequent drone attacks by local terrorists. They still belong to the police force but has more authority than a usual police, they often have the authority to execute suspects without questioning. "

Been awhile since i did something personal, here's a photobash and paint! Tons of fun to work with. Anyway, will give out more information once more visuals are out :D these drones are actually all connected to beacons/pylons all around the area, will paint another one showing how it works!

btw i have a cghub account now! Will update together with DA. 
Here's the piece:

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Edit: Almost forgot to mention the photo source from the amazing :iconphelandavion:!
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Looking at this I imagine the giant ocular sensor finds targets with Ai and thermal software. The user chooses targets and the exoskeleton assists in aiming and rapid changing of targets. 
SashaBrausPotatoGirl's avatar
Can't wait for more lore!!
Also, do robots need pants???
TacoVoodooDoctor's avatar
The robots look nicer with pants
AgentJericho's avatar
Awesome work. The riffle is realy cool !
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Reloading? Never heard of her. 
This baby is a Gauss rifle. Anotherwords its silent, and it shoots a metal ball at 700fps at 800 rpm effective 2000 meters magnetically. 
I carry enough power and rounds to fire 2500 shots. 
uhhhh...what? I don't know what video game you're getting this crap from but nothing about that is even remotely close to reality(ish) lol.
700ft/s is a joke, even a subsonic .22 fires over 1000ft/s, the navy's protoype railgun fires more around 7,300 ft/s with expected velocities approaching 64,000 ft/s if/when fully developed.
800 rpm isn't a whole lot either, most assault rifles are closer to 850-950 rpm, a railgun however is not an assault rifle and wouldn't be firing even remotely close to that, it'd probably closer to 20rpm.
2000 meters is a lot...for anything under a .338, .338 and .50 rifles however can reach 2000 meters, the current record holder for recorded longest kill is 2,475 meters with a .338, the navy's current prototype has fired over 7,000 meters and is expected to be able to achieve ranges of over 80,000 meters if/when fully developed.
00Sledge's avatar
Bruh. I'm pulling shit out of my ass.
You sure talk like you have a lot of experience. What branch are you? 
Because the only place someone can learn about guns is the military right? no, I was smart enough to go to college without needing to get shot at to pay for it. But there's this little thing called the internet, it's got all this crazy information on it, you might wanna check it out some day.
00Sledge's avatar
There is reading an article, and there is firing light machine guns. 
Cool im in school as well, major is finished, UCCs to go. About next year ill have my bachelors degree of science. What are you doing? 
PURPLEJACKET444's avatar
Rendered so well!!!
Wolf-m3chanic's avatar
Do you use photoshop?
VitTand's avatar
somehow it reminds me of CivBE supremacy units
688689pro's avatar
u shood put these into some game becasue they look like frikkin halo
narutov90's avatar
I love the draw, very futuristic.
Fidmaster's avatar
amazing looking droid
But looking at a practical side (i cant avoid it i study engineering so i always end up on this)
the Humanoid desing wouldnt be as effective a more mehcaanical model
the humanoid model is limited to human capable mvements and one of them is reloading or pulling a trigger which costs time and a posible casualty.
a mechanical might be bulkier and slower but stronger who knos you could make a mechanical robot juggernaut (unstopable) with multipe heavy hitting chainguns
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Freaking amazing!! <3 
Levitical's avatar
Incredible Work!!!
WARANTEN's avatar
incredible look like a photograph O_o
JS-Kjaer's avatar
I like this image! btw, it seems CG Hub is no longer in existence. I tried the link and it 404'ed and their home page says they are gone :(
shinobigarth's avatar
this is something that could be done in 25-30 years easy, by 2202 this seems really outdated to me.
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