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NEO JAPAN 2202 - Royales



"Meet the Roiyaru keisatsu, also known as the Royales. The Royales are the royal police drones around the castles, this particular type are stationed at the outer section of the castle, mainly guarding the airspace from frequent drone attacks by local terrorists. They still belong to the police force but has more authority than a usual police, they often have the authority to execute suspects without questioning. "

Been awhile since i did something personal, here's a photobash and paint! Tons of fun to work with. Anyway, will give out more information once more visuals are out :D these drones are actually all connected to beacons/pylons all around the area, will paint another one showing how it works!

btw i have a cghub account now! Will update together with DA. 
Here's the piece:

Here's some other Neo Japan 2202 paintings:

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Edit: Almost forgot to mention the photo source from the amazing :iconphelandavion:!
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Looking at this I imagine the giant ocular sensor finds targets with Ai and thermal software. The user chooses targets and the exoskeleton assists in aiming and rapid changing of targets.