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New piece for my personal IP, Neo Japan 2202! Did the first iteration of this guy last month, decided to include him in one of the seven main characters in the story, a Phantom gone rogue and joined the Ronins, just like Kokushibyo.

This is a first version of him, when he was still with the Phantoms, I will do another version of this painting in his rogue form, modified parts and such. Short summarized lore below:

Invisible Ops aka Yurei aka Phantoms/Ghost, is a a project funded by the Royal Police, a project that focuses on producing stealth units, equipped with cloak-capable fabrics and often covered in dark colors. They are built to specialize in stealth missions. The units are controlled using a hive system, by an A.I called Tsuki, which is one of the oldest and the earlier model of A.I developed, this enables the unit to operate with extreme accuracy, precision and synchronization, much efficient that its human counterpart. 

One particular Phantom, the seventh Phantom to be precise, is rumored to have been decommission due to an unusual number of technical glitches. The seventh Phantom has been seen entering the Hive system core engine room by security cameras, however, when security arrives he was no where to be seen and scan suggests that there are no sign of robots in the room.  The seventh Phantom went missing on its way to be dismantled, suspected being stolen by the Ronins, there have been reports of his sighting in Ronin infested areas.


Edit: His camo-strips are turned off and some retracted in this piece :D

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NEO JAPAN 2202 - PHANTOMS by johnsonting

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