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A new piece for Neo Japan, trying to keep things a little more rough, i was spending too much time on the details so was planning to do a few quick ones to flesh out ideas first, will probably polish this afterwards. 

Long story short:
"One of Japan's current income are from wars throughout the globe, throughout the years several companies has focused on war economy. Many countries has seek loans from Japan to purchase these "Mechanical Mercenaries" to aid them in their war, "cheap, durable and deadly". A Kikai Yohei has an average lifespan of 15 years, they can also be easily modified to sustain themselves in different environments. However, these drones are a lot less refined as Japan's own AI drones, Kikai Yohei are not compatible with AI due to the cost and they can only be controlled by a human operator. "

Btw i have a cghub acc now! Help me give it some love! :D

NEO JAPAN 2202 - SHIROBAI by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 by johnsontingThe Biwa Generators - Neo Japan 2202 by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 - Shin Jinrui Experiment by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 - Enerugi Gado by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 -  Royales by johnsonting

Used a stock photo from :iconreijikageyama: The stocks provide very good lighting and great details!
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Be cooler Luis vutton print gun fashism
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Awe yeah, always love me some body armor designs!
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Wow amazing job
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Oh my god!!! Amazing!!!
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wooowww amazing !
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i am doing a military science fiction and dark fantasy universe
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do you draw this or you use photoshop
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What's the meaning of Kikai Yohei?
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Too much realistic, really cool!
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Why are they still using 230-year-old Chinook helicopters in 2202? 
Really cool picture
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Even in 2202, Japan is still buying our hand-me-downs . What can you do? The U.S. just does war better. 
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We need to work on a game
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whats the holo on the back represent?
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Is that a Rorsch X1 rail gun in his hand? (BF4)
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Fuck, 200 years later and we're still using Shithooks. 

Very cool art 
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Love the concept and style absolutely great work.
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kikai yohei=機械傭兵
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