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NEO JAPAN 2202 - Enerugi Gado



Been awhile! Here's a very quick and rough one for Neo Japan, well actually it started out as a daily sketch but couldn't resists :P Wanted to spit out a quick idea i have in mind for a small group of "Energy guards (translation)" around the Biwa Generators, and their awesome shields.

Well the guards are basically modern guardians of the generators, as for why is it so heavily guarded by drones that are way ahead of their time is.. still classified.

More and more will be reveal once Neo Japan has gone into a more stable state and have lots of visuals to support the story :)

Here's some others from Neo Japan 2202 series:

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Edit: I heard war frame a little but I never seen the Excalibur character, when I google the character I was quite surprised that mine really look like him. :/ I just lasso-ed stuffs and come up with shapes and the horn was a last minute thing. Oh well.
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Your right it does look like Excalibur