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Been awhile guys! Managed to change some of the stories for Neo Japan and Dr.Wayne apparently has a role that would fit perfectly! Made this into a game promotional poster for a different approach and added the japanese title in, japanese letters are just too cool. 

"This particular drone is also known as "Dr.Wayne", Professor Richard Wayne is said to have uploaded his conscious onto one of the drones being developed by his research facility in New York before he committed suicide. Though reasons are unknown but rumors said that it was to escape capture and investigations. He has been reported to be seen in several districts in Japan but officials has yet to provide confirmation on this matter, since this is a drone, cyborg/human laws can not be applied on this individual,  for now this drone is only wanted as a witness for investigation but not as a fugitive. There are also reports that ever since he fled to Japan he has been working with the local terrorist group "Ronins" as their research and development lead. Dr.Wayne has been awarded 3 Nobel prizes for his research on Neurobotics, his theory of particle regeneration and the infamous Black-Knot theory. "

He's a big role in the plot! Hopefully get to do the Ronins after these, important characters! 

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WOW! Super!