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Mobile Police Patlabor

By johnsonting
An update! Been swamped recently so here's a quick fan-art of Patlabor, one of my all time favorite anime and the most influential, Patlabor is what inspired Neo Japan 2202 so I thought why not do a Neo Japan style fan-art of the badass mecha. 

Still waiting for the time where some of my previous projects are released so i can post em here, ughh so longg. Gonna be quiet for some time cause of holidays and some secret projects! Hope to drop more art from time to time D: So many wips

The background environment is from a stock made by :iconcgartiste:  :D
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This is awesome! I loved the movies for Patlabor.
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Looks really grim for something really light hearted!Wink/Razz 
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I thought it's Briareos in the thumbnail. Great work nonetheless!
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I positively love this scene. I am adding this to my favourites folder.
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Looks awesome mate :)
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Thanks a lot mate :)
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awesomenly awesome!
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Wow, you nailed the style on this one!
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Patlabor is awesome. I think it inspired many of the following scify anime like Ghost in the Shell.

Fantastic work as always!
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Thank you so much! Yeap i think the same too!
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You are most welcome! :)
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Man I'm surprised Patlabor was your inspiration. I would've thought it was appleseed or ghost in the shell or another cyborg/mech anime. Anyway, great anime. I loved it as well. Any tips on making mechs/driods/cyborgs? Thinking of studying your style. I really like it.
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Well I could say Patlabor inspired the art and design, and GITS inspired the darker tone of the story, both are my favorite anime as well! Well i usually drown myself in tons of photos of modern day technology/robotics, and documentaries of how they work, so i can apply the knowledge to come up with new designs based on the existing modern robotics. Documentaries on how things work really helps a lot for me!
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Humm I may I have to start watching things like that as well. Are you using photobashing to create those mechs or are you painting everything? Doesn't really matter as long as the result is good but I'm curious to know. Thanks for the reply and Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to more.
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pretty cool !
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