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Lollipop Throttle

One of the artworks done for our book "Milky Overdrive", an artbook about girls and sci-fi. Since the book has been out for quite a while now, figured I should post the artworks up! More to come!

PS: The books are limited prints and it's already sold out. Not sure if theres any extra copies left, if you are interested and would like to know more, you can visit my friend's page to see a preview of the book and see if he has any left!…

Thank you so much!
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Hey, didn't I see this add in Blade Runner? Or do I simply wish I had?Clap 
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can you post a link to the book for purchase, please?
iDANIELGFX's avatar
i would like this in full resolution
killzoomer's avatar
is this like a comic or what? is there a link to buy the comic or something?
TrueDesertFox's avatar
Is there anyway to get a larger size version of this to use for an UHD wallpaper?
kkht311's avatar
Lovely artwork.

n2n44's avatar
really great and hot creation :)
noorush's avatar
Amazing..amazing like all your gallery !
Wytherwing's avatar
Q5Grafx's avatar
this is awesome reminds me of the iconic art of the GTA series especially the lollipop image from GTA3
whitefoxdesigns's avatar
It's been some time man. Awesome work as always! The textures look incredible!
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ssssssssoooooooo good
cwm3556's avatar
love it.... Heart Clap 
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Nice work ! Girls and Sci-fi stuff best things in the world ! :3
pika's avatar
The concept of girls and sci-fi is nice. And the bike's design looks interesting with not so smooth shapes! :D The only thing that bothers me a little is her left arm compared to her torso's perspective. Shouldn't her left arm's shoulder be in a higher position? :confused:
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that's amazing! At first I thought it was real!
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Where can you buy the book? There's no links or anything for it.
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Dat's one smokin' hot chick!

*looks at bike*

DannyAndYoko's avatar
Yum yum ^^

How old is she?
gabrielwillames's avatar
ooh yeah! i want this book :D
Ashkanie2's avatar
Very cute and sexy! i like
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