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Johnson Ting Brush Pack V1.1

Full view of the image right here If you want a better look:
Johnson Ting Brush Pack V1.1 - Notes by johnsonting

Hey guys! So over the past years I've always been asked questions like what brushes do I use, what tablet do I use or what software do I use. It's  okay, its a common question and I used to ask that when I just started art, so I'm putting up the answers right here right now :D

Ok so first thing first, brushes/softwares/hardware doesn't really matter, the same applies to traditional art, you can buy the same brand of color pencils Drew Struzan use but it wont make you draw like him. He took years and years of knowledge, trials and errors to be good in what he do, strong fundamentals, vast knowledge of values, materials, colors etc. You can give him a cheap set of color pencils and he can still draw stuffs that makes your jaw drop. Keep in mind that these are just tools, these tools won't level you up right away when you use them, what matters is the person who uses the tools: You.

So don't get fed up or give up when you download Dan Luvisi's brush and you can't paint as great works as his, it doesnt work that way, life is fair! hah! Just keep working on it and keep on painting! Do some life studies and sketches from time to time, sit down in a cafe, have coffee and draw. Go out with your dog, sketch how he runs. Check out fashion videos, observe how models walk and study the line of action. Things like these will help you a lot!

What brushes do I use?
Well this post is about that question and the answer is just in the download button beside >>
The zip file will contain an .abr file and a full resolution image of the notes, I did some quick examples on how I use them for your reference. Pardon my spelling errors and english in the image, I had to a big chunk of my time out to work on it though! Be kind :P Just hope that it'll help you guys and answer the question of what brushes do I use, feel free to share them among your friends! 

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, the image is pretty much self-explanatory but if youre confused let me know and I'll answer it asap!

What tablet do I use?
Sometimes I state my tools on some paintings, last time I used to work on a Wacom Bamboo Fun (Small), that was my first tablet which my dad bought, the one that got me into digital painting and my career! It was in the early 2007 and I've been using it until 2013, and it still works. After that I bought a Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium), and now I'm using a 22" Wacom Cintiq HD Pen Display. 
Using all three different tablets, I can tell you this: It doesnt really matter again! Because for me I dont feel theres much difference between these, just different ways of working, of course technically its different, things like pressure sensitivity and such, but I mean generally as a tablet. 

If youre looking to start digital painting, the cheapest and most basic Wacom Tablet is definitely an option, it's a good tablet to start and it wont hold you back, I've been using the cheapest tablet for a good 6 years and it has taken me a long wayy. However, if you have a lot of spare cash and willing to take risks, buy a 27" Wacom Cintiq LOL.

What softwares do I use?
I've been using photoshop since the early 2005, mainly for graphic designs and photo editing, after I got my first tablet in 2007 I continue to paint in Photoshop as well, since majority of digital artists that time also paints on Photoshop, the other was Corel Painter, I only use it a couple of times but I gave up, maybe cause it doesnt suit me as much, the features in Photoshop makes thing easier for me I guess, things like masks, filters and blending modes. So right now I'm using a Photoshop CS6, versions doesn't really matter but definitely the latest versions are more stable and has more built in features. Anyway, Photoshop CS2 is now absolutely free to use!

Sometimes I also fool around with google sketchup, 3ds Max and Zbrush, you would see a lot of concept artists has knowledges of these 3D softwares as well, it helps build up a concept real fast using 3D as a base, with precise lighting and values, it saves a lot of time trying to get it right. 

So I guess that's about it, I'm going to do a walkthrough/tutorial next, some sharing on tips and tricks on how I paint stuffs, it's been awhile but it's gonna take a while longer, I'm gonna make it a little more detailed, something like gumroad, but free of charge of course.  Probably gonna drop another set of brushes in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Anyway, thank you guys again and have a great day! Let me know your thoughts/questions if you have any!
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Thank you very much! Your work is Inspiring!

Love your art, I saw in YouTube

Thank you bro! Your art is amazing!

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sorry but i dont find the link for the brush

Thank you very much, i like your work ! ;) 
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Thanks a lot! 
Is it all right to use your brush for commercial work?
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hey i really want to use your brushes, but how can i use them? how can i include them into the program? how can i draw with them?
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thank for sharing the tips so much. keep up the good work
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I'm soo going to need these, thanks! :D
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Thank you for both providing some awesome brushes and providing examples of how to use them. I just used them in a composition for a contest and I feel like this will be the start of many new creative possibilities. Thank you.
amazing thank you so much
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WOW, just wow. Thanks for this tutorial!!! deviantART 
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Used your sketching brush here: Matteo by Qsec
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awesome ! 
the brush pack and the "how to use" with it ! you're amazing !
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Hey, thanks for sharing this! It's very interesting to see how you do stuff. I tried the brushes here myself and they're pretty good! :D
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Thanks for sharing.
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Hey, thank you for sharing your brush arsenal!  There are a lot here that I've wanted for quite a long while.  Also, thank you so much for instructions on how you make use of them.  I'm looking forward to giving these a drive.

Thanks Again!!! :D (Big Grin) 
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thank you very much for sharing this ^^
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Thanks for sharing this. These brushes look great.
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Seems very neat! :)
thanks for sharing
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