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Ironman - Black and Gold

Another version of my take on ironman.

Traditional red and gold here!

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I really love this suit design so much that it's the inspiration behind the new suit of armor I'm having Tony build in my fic.

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Do you have a link to your fic?

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it gives an amazing new look of iron man and total fits with the yet existing movie-suits,keep your awesome work up!
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The black areas look like carbon fibre.
Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow. :o
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Amazing!! Love the color combination!
This is definitely the more "badass" version of the two.

That being said, there's a reason why Iron Man isn't colored like this: it's not flashy enough.  And we all know that Tony's all about the flashy.
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DBSDHB JAzjHNNAHNJajbh BHkhb awsome
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nice color choices!!! it fits with the armor and the background :) the color doesnt blend in with the background which is why i said "nice color choices" :D
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Black and gold is awesome dude
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One of the nicest If not the nicest rendition of Ironman I've seen.
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I like the design, might be the angle but I feel the chest is wider than say the movie version. If that was the purpose though than my b.  It looks gooed either way and wider would make sense with it being armor.
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Like this one more than the traditional one, great work
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black and gold, much more badass looking but probably more of a Warmachine thing.
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