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Interstellar Dog Fight


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I used play a lot of the old star wars: tie fighter game, one of my favorites! Now I cant wait for Star Citizen, always like to imagine how chaotic a cockpit must be during a space dog fight, shiny UIs all over the place, evading lasers and missiles, cracking glass and annoying beeps, must be hell!

 Edit: Btw guys after I posted this work I got a message showing me this game being made by the original tie fighter/x wing series creator, it's gonna be a space battle mmo, check it out! I've made a pledge!…
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This is an absolutely stunning picture. So many details and this very realistic look, I would like to know, how long you've been working on this one. It gives you a really good idea, how it would be to sit in such a fighter cockpit. And seeing this, it reminds me of my idea, that I am wondering, why nobody did this yet.

VR space combat simulators. We all know Star Wars Battlefront. Teams of Rebels and Imperials fighting against each other in teams in TIE-Fighters and Rogue Squadrons. Now imagine, instead of sitting in front of your TV, sitting inside a moving simulator with high resolution VR goggles and physical fighter controls. Have 8 of those (4 Imperial, 4 Rebels) and this would be an incredible multiplayer experience, that people would pay good money for and that would be booked out for months. Sure, those simulators would be very expensive and it would take a while, before they would have paid back themselfes, but THAT would be an attraction, that Disney would lure in millions of people with in their parks. As an additional income, that cost less to maintain, you could set up a camera in each simulator, where people had the option to buy a video of themselfes, either for download or on something like a CD or DVD. Or for additional cost on a park branded USB stick (added advertising value).

Every SciFi fan would love this.

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Also a fan of X-wing Vs Tie !! It was good years LOL ...
I miss these games ... with the visuals we have in 2018, it would be so nice to repack all these missions ... They are already written !! Just to repack the visuals ;)
"Glory Days" might say Bruce Springsteen ...

Anyway, I love your work .. very nice ...
Very good job !!

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This captures something we don't get to see in the movies.
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Very well done, I love the details you put into this one. :)
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super amazing. Thank you for putting me in the pilot seat with this art.
"Solid crack, might come back. Web of cracks, 30 seconds max."
--Titan A.E. novelization

Hope that pilot brought a helmet.
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I believe TIE fighter pilots' spacesuits are equipped with life support systems that allow them to survive in in space. I'm assuming this is a TIE figher...
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jesus fkn christ
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does she like candy?
my house is already hunted so she is going to have to stand in line.
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WTF this is magnificient!!!
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OMG it's amazing!
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I can feel it!  inside this cockpit 
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Very Wing Commander
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Looks like a TIE fighter.
Thanks for the plug, johnsonting! The KS reached 90% of it's goal, so we went dark for quite some time while we continued to work on the game. We're planning to re-launch soon! I discovered you serendipitously when your Frontier Buccaneers showed up in my search for space soldiers. You perfectly illustrated a concept I want to use in Starfighter Inc. Only not just on pilot's visors, but as a projection for your whole ship! 
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Glad to see the space sims come back. I miss the old Privateer and Wing Commander.
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Excellent. Love this smoking stuff, my new desktop of course...
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It looks almost like you did a photo during the flight.
I am impressed. Clap 
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