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Frontier Buccaneers - Orbital Hunt

Just realized I never posted this on devaintart, it was for a video recording a did last month, you can check out the process with some minor narrations over it on my youtube channel here:
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Reminds me of the meme pf the United States Space Force space shuttle door gunner. Really cool art btw.
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how did he drink from that can tho?
Sexy for me!!!Beautiful!!
Now that is a raingun :)
You should write a book about the Frontier Buccaneers..... I'll buy a shit load of copies, love these pieces.
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I absolutely love your work! Most people would never think that a girl like me would be a fan of sci-fi art like this, but my dad was military and raised me on old-school sci-fi. Your work has the feel of the books I loved combined with an extrapolation of current tech that makes me feel the same sense of wonder and enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing your work!
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love this artwork and all of yours keep up the excellent job 
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Noticed the sharked on the visor, like it.
Y4UTJA's avatar
Infinite warfare confirmed   
TerranAscension's avatar
This scene would be perfect for the intro sequence if they made this into a show
supreme-emperor-over's avatar
when are you going to do more NEO japan type stuff  love all of your artwork form you giant alien starships to your giant alien powered exoskeletons 
supreme-emperor-over's avatar
love the wonderful  artwork that is top tier 
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I love the frontier buccaneers...
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Your watcher count has increased +1.

Beautiful- not a word I often use in association with warfare art, but this deserves it anyway.
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This is awesome and all but do we really need door gunners at that altitude lol.
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STS-1 Space shuttle door gunner reporting for duty! 

I just want to know what he's shooting at as it would be extremely badass to aim for ground targets from orbit. More than likely it's another ship, but a rapid fire railgun is badass either way! 

As always, you work is rather nice! Always liked the bulkines of each piece and this one is no exception. 
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Is that a can of coke floating just behind the gun?
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I feel there should be a Shuttle Door Gunner joke from this.. buts its too badass and extremely well done to make it part of that joke. lol Superb job!
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this BAD ASS!
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