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Frontier Buccaneers

Finally get to finish this piece after soooo long, just for fun. Initial idea was that there was this bunch of space pirates, they have these helmets that is also a screen that can project 3D images to make them.. well, scarier. Imagine seeing the 3D skull projected in the dark when your spaceship is being boarded, all you can see is a glowing blue skull that can talk D: i think thats intimidating.. for me at least :P

And I kinda got realllly lazy half way through and yes those are some old parts I've used from my other paintings >.> I dont feel satisfied with this piece, it feels unfinished and i dont feeel the mood, guess thats what happens when you leave a painting for more than half a year, parts and bits feels different when i started it. Anyway, I'll leave this here for now..… On artstation as well!

Photos used:
Combat Hoist by MilitaryPhotos This awesome photo was the inspiration and plate i've used! And many thanks to Reid's compilation of Nasa stock photos,… He took the time and effort to compile it and its free, also, buy his australian Pack to show your appreciation! The australia pack is very awesome and has tons and tons of great photos to choose from. Also, the image is non profit and its for personal uses only :D
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Awesome Reality Artwork
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Love it! Want to join them.
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Excellent work!  Love this Heart 

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That's what I was thinking.  Specifically, Emile from Reach.
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cool !!!!  cool 
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I find your illustration pretty cool. I understand you used a photo for reference. Did you paint over it? Did you used it only as reference? Did you used phtoshop or any pther program? Your idea of holo projection of death is rather awesome! Also, is it only an isolated illustration or is it part of a comic/story/game whatever which has a follow up???
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Why doesn't this have a DD?
The idea of a 3-D image of a skull is brilliant!!

Pirate were one of the first to use psychological warfare to subdue their victims.

William Teach (Blackbeard) is an example. He would insert long matches soaked on saltpeter to make them smoke and at night glow with the eerie effect that made look demonic!! 
Awesome !!

I love it !!

Great job !!!
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Are they dead?
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Creepy as f..., but yeah, looks cool, nice job!
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Ah, this makes a me a bit nostalgic. I once wrote a Halo Reach-ish fanfic which involved these Power Assault-Armors which, if worn, the visors from the outside don't show the face of the people wearing the armor but an X-Ray of their skulls.
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Well, let me be then sceptic here: Electric, blue glowing Skull makes for a better target to aim at. :-P
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Intimidating is a great deterrent, awesome work!
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Beautiful! :-)
Thank you for sharing!
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toooooo cool
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