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EVA X Patlabor


Saw a cool Nasa photo a couple of weeks back so I decided to do something fun over it as a practice piece, also saved the processes so decided to write a short walkthrough about it, you can view the tutorial on my artstation page along with some versions without the texts, wish DA can let us post multiple images tho!

Walkthrough link:…

Not as detailed as I would hope but its a fun piece!

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Are those mechs like the eva's giant cyborgs or giants with armor eather way nice
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The anime the world needs.
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That's fucking cool.
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the fix of the Nasa photo is exciting
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a littele shanme of not having seen the EVA,but like the style that it brings toeveryone, because friends around me they all regard this as childhood memories
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Interesting crossover.  I'd hate to see the criminal mecha that THAT patlabor was designed to fight.
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Impressive work man ! :D
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I thought it was legit! it's so cool! I would have watched it! 
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I cannot favorite this piece hard enough. Hmm, Patlabor Unit 2 is Ohta's Labor, not Alphonse. Actually, his gun-happy violence corresponds with Asuka's kill-craziness in EVA-02, doesn't it?

Great work as always.
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So cool.

Clap Clap Clap 
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i really like the idea of turning a regular pic into a art piece 
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AWESOME! I'd ride dat Jaeger!
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You do some of the best art on this site! Keep it up!
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Fabulous attention to detail!
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I am very intrigued by the concept! Fighting Angels or criminal-manned mecha?
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*Ohta considers.


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Wow! This is really fantastic!
Wow.  Something that makes EVA interesting to me!
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