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Update! Managed to squeeze up an update in between works. :iconphelandavion: has some new stocks up and I think its a perfect match for me to do a full body of the defcon 0 suit! Check them out, Phelan is so damn awesome :D

Lt. Miller
Squad leader of Team Zero.

In the year 2039, President Rockwell declared DEFCON 0; a state of maximum readiness, a state where human extinction is imminent.

A year before, an exo-team was given a mission to be deployed near the border of Pakistan, to investigate an Al-Qaeda research facility. Their mission is to infiltrate and retrieve research materials, to prevent any further damages that may occur, and to make sure no one else knows. A mission far more important than their own lives, a mission that was the beginning of an end. 

This is the story of Team Zero, the first who made contact.


More of Defcon 0 here:
DEFCON 0 by johnsontingDEFCON ZERO by johnsonting
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the helmet kinda looks like noble six's helmet,great job anyway
SpaceArtist4Real's avatar
ikr lewlz

And without the visor it looks like 343's abomination of a marine.

In halo it looks ugly but in defcon it looks dope
is this a novel by any chance?
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Looks UNSC marine and the helmet is a Spartan helmet but he still looks cool
MetalicSoul's avatar
Armor kinda reminds me of Halo ODST.
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Johndennis4209's avatar
Looks like Noble Six
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That is photo-realistic and a wicked design!
iamnotanumber2000's avatar
Great job,ever since elysium Ive fallen in love with exo skeletons, so work like this is some of my favorite on deviant art the same applies for Neo japan 
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People like you needs a fucking statue! Clap 
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yeah you're right

i am Arman Kashani a Film Director form Berlin/Germany im searching for an concept artist for my first Feature Film. 

It will be a Steampunk-Western Dancefilm (Urban-Dance, Breakdance, Hiphop)


I need 4 of our shots that we will take in Future to be drawn.
It will be 4 pretty wide shots of the Locations more or Less.

I produce the film on my own trying to get enough money with a crowdfunding campaign. Because it is my first Film i dont get money easily. But hope we can make a good deal.

The cast of our film are some of the most famous dancers in the world. We have a fanbase of 800.000 fans all together.
For Example: 

So i think it could be a good promo for yourself. 

And im pretty sure we could work again with more budget for my movies after this one. Than i could pay you much better.

I can offer you only 800€ for these 4 pics i need now.
We need the drawings pretty soon. Latest would be  10/04/15

Pls answer ASAP >>>

Greetz Arman
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this is very cool!!!Swag-trap the pimp-daddy FNAF 3: Springtrap Icon Ohai There Bonnie Cutie!! (Chat Icon) Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon 
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Thank you so much! and god i love FNAF!
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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh yeah ;3
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hey, do you have a FB page?
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I have no idea how u keep being awesome like this, but keep doing it XD
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