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Finally got this piece done! It's been awhile since I painted something for so longgg, this took me around 20+ hours of painting+photobash D: 
It started out for fun and as a practice, I have a future soldier itch to scratch, started with an idea of Halo X COD:Advanced warfare since i've been wanting to do an exosuit. 
But while I'm finishing up I realized I had an old story I wanted to do a few years back, so i thought why not make it into a new story! So i present to you:


In the year 2039, President Rockwell declared DEFCON 0; a state of maximum readiness, a state where human extinction is imminent.

A year before, an exo-team was given a mission to be deployed near the border of Pakistan, to investigate an Al-Qaeda research facility. Their mission is to infiltrate and retrieve research materials, to prevent any further damages that may occur, and to make sure no one else knows. A mission far more important than their own lives, a mission that was the beginning of an end.

This is the story of Team Zero, the first who made contact.


Original Photo plate here:…
The photo was kinda like love at first sight, it's an amazing photo, military photos are kickass.

Video process:…
DEFCON 0 - Process walkthrough by johnsonting

Hope you guys dig it! Hit the download button if you want a high resolution version, I'm making a 2500 wide version FREE to download! :D

DEFCON 0 - Details by johnsonting
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