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Cortana, please..



Hi guys! It's been awhile, been really super busy with alot of works, here's a fanart of halo 4!

I just bought the console bundle and as usual, the game itself is absolutely jaw dropping, I really like how they shaped master chief into a more emotional person in the game, 343 has done a really great job. Just got to finished the game, and it was really good, and the last scene dialogs is just too amazingly well done, and..sad. I wanted to do a fanart like i said in the previous sketch of the chief, after finishing the game it got me the motivation, "Cortana, please" is one of the most memorable sentence in the last scene imo.

Anyway, no spoilers. This painting was done around 2-3 hours, started as a fun sketch testing out some brushes provided by jamajurabaev, the helmet is not 100% accurate, just some impressions in some parts, i used their official artworks as references, amazing works from 343!

Wallpaper ver here:…
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This goes well with the song 'Frozen Sleep' by Malukah. They're both very touching and sad